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  1. I think it might be gyoza, at least the shape of the dough and the texture looks like that, but the way of frying it confused me a bit I looove coliflower with tomato. I put coliflower everwhere, but, a loot of coliflower, a few days ago I added it to my pizza experiment and it was just out of this wooorlddd.
  2. If you like Doro you should listen to her 1990 album. It is mindblowing,
  3. Psst... What if we start using this song instead of the well known classic"happy birthday", no joke. Onision you got a good screaming voice, do you have any metal/rock parody/performance out there? This was my summer 2020 obsesion Her 1990 album is dope. Her voice is so cool when I was hearing the cover I could not figure out she was a female, I felt in love with her voicee.
  4. Sadness. At the end of the day, it was all sadness. The dissease that is spreading all over your body, the reason why you see in black and white. "I heard the news baby, all about your disease, you may have all you want honey, but I got something you need, I ain´t talking about love" Failure after failure, you have pushed yourself so much, you have tricked yourself into thinking all the effort you are putting will be someday payed, enough. One day that fake smile you have been wearing that long since your last lose will fade away, and you will look at yourself, wondering why , why there is still that endless pain. Why does my heart ache? I see it in your eyes, No matter who, how, what ,when, where , if you need it I can give it to you. Happiness . Love you all
  5. They are all really cool!!! The color pallette of this space themed one is dooopeeee. I like the anime and pink tree a lot too. Thank you!!!
  6. And strictly from a parent, my mother a months ago. I realized she liked me more conveniently so I wanted to discuss with her a few things. She ended yelling at me, that I was a shame for her , and that she trully did not love me at all. I just started being more open, less shy, without any yell, just calmy telling truths. Because lots of things happened and I needed to talk about why she did not choose helping me in those moments. Guys parental love has to be UNILATERAL. If your parent does not love you that way and you have to earn his/her/their love it is just not love. And seing your c***d being abused and not do anything at all, that is not love by far. Or behaving like you love them in certain occasions, can just confuse them. Love is not a prize.
  7. Well, my old chubby 12 year old self could cry easily. I remember we were at one of my mother friend´s house and my mother´s friend gave my mother a dress that her daugther(actual bestie of mine) could not fit anymore because she got taller. I was very short so decided that It could fit me perfectly. I tried the dress on in front of everyone just to find out It didn´t fit me at all. My grandmother got really angry because she tought the dress was way too cute for wasting it , so she told me that "it is time for you to eat less croquettes" It took me a long long time to gain weight, It was not done probablly in the most healthy way, but I needed to gain it.
  8. Well, it is kind of bizarre, because I know what genetalia I am ***ually attracted too, but I`ve realized I feel way too comfortable with women in lots of aspects. And for romance, friendship that starts leveling up etc... but ***ually talking I guess I can say I am attracted to male genetalia. But I am not attracted to cliché straigth men, it feels weird. I like people that are interesting and comfortable with their ***uallity . People that do not play games in general, and they tell you things straigth foward. I like a lot crossdressers because I do not feel like labelling anything at all. UMM I think that is what I am more into.
  9. I have two, my main account https://www.instagram.com/conchi_moreno_d12/ And my second/male vibes experiments random reels https://www.instagram.com/arnausch7/
  10. I´ve had a few l friends in the fashion modeling industry, female and male. Female usuallt tend to start developing eating d*****s. A few weeks ago a friend of mine came to my place to stay a few days, we hadn´t seen each other for a while. We started talking about the modeling industry. She was really worried about her hips and but size, she explained me that she is almost in the maximum 90 cm, and when modeling season it´s starting, she stress out a lot and she stops eating. Also for being a runway model you need good acting skills, because sometimes the people that hire you want you to interpret a role while wearing an outfit. Holding uncomfortable positions for x amount of time, nowing how to interact with the rest of models and get a great work done. Then from males perspective, there is also a lot of preassure, but my males friend don´t tend to develop eating dissorders as much as girls. For example, one of my dearest friend started modeling with 15 years old, he had a face, unbelivable handsome. He was used to that world. He just had the perfect face, the correct height , body tipe (in fact I am very small and when we take pictures together he looks huuugeee) Incredible, charming personality, and his fashion sense is out of this world. But worst thing for males, is ***ual abuse. My friend told me that one time when he went to a runway show being underage alone, one of the disegner friends was arrasing him. Other guy I am in contact with is a model from portugal, he is more muscular. My male friend is not anymore in the model industry but my female friend is just starting. I have participated in a few shots hair dresser related but xD I am 1,62 . One of the things I was interested the most was in Non binary vives without any make up or even tricking people into thinking I am a male. And fotographers and other models were interested. I My male friend has taught me a looot about experimenting with angles, faces etc. It is a cool experience, but not for a long run. Is there anything you´d like to know more about modelling?
  11. Why is it so difficult saying things correctly, I haaateee people that go and gosth you for that long then if they are up to , they pretend like nothing ever happened. He is just not worth it. If you don´t know hoe to deal with your emotions and you are making another person feel sad because you are playing with their feelings then **** off. People that tend to do that are usually not mentally stable. For example, my ex bestie , could not handle making mistake and being embarrased by her inmature behaviour. And everytime she ****ed up, she would try to deal with her feelings by getting angry and ignoring her friends. You could not know if she was still alive or whatever. She did that multiple times. You can give one opportunity, but sometimes your time is more valuable than this kind of person. You can make mistakes, of course, but when there is an important conection involved, watch ouuuuut consequences I feel that the best and worst thing you can do is just ignore him and life your life.
  12. I like dancing before sleeping while listening to music, and pretending I am a ballerina. No matter the style, I can be a cool gangsta ballerina too.
  13. Umm I need to get extremely tired for sleeping properly, I don´t sleep too much, I just from time to time take a good nap . At night with 5 hours of sleep currently. When I was hardcore trainnig and doing more things I used to sleep a minimum of 8 hours in a row. Here it is melting, and at 8:30am, It´s so hot outside it feels like is 1 pm instead. Hahaha when I am motivated I can push myself off to the limits, but I end up falling sleep when I am tired enough. Naps are undeeerraaaaateeed If I am completely alone , and I wake up in the middle of the night, I will not go back to sleep easily. In my case I know my cause is fear. I don´t handle well completely lonliness at night so I try to tire myself for sleeping. The house I live in while the semester is going has cool scary things. When I first moved on, I realized that at 2am-4am the door of my bed opened itself because of the wind, (combined the fact that it is an old door). It´s funny when I have friends or someone living with me, because the first time something like this happens they come to me crying . Am I the only one that is not scared at all when there is at least one human by my side?
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