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  1. Don't use cheat codes the first time you play a pokemon game !!! I know it is a temptation and a cool experience to have but if you get used to it you loose the full experience. Even though it's funny corrupting the game and combining it with weird glitches all at the same time. But it feels like two different experiences.
  2. Well as a mini sebo that has been from it's earlier years a drawing lover I was very keen into hiperrealistic drawings. I used to practice a lot and I felt really good and relaxed watching my creations. Now I have become more of a meme/manga lover and I want to do a manga of my life because I find it easier to draw a lot of conversations than writing a bunch of cool drawings that literally take DAYS This represents what I'm usually intoo. Umm since I got sick I've lost a lot of interest for doing things pretty, I hope next pokemon game gives me again that feeling of joy back !! So I can start again doing much more things that I like. Because now I don't feel too inspired ...
  3. If you are honest from the beginning with me, and not acting immature trying to play games and just saying how it feels I will give you a respectful and appropriate answer that will make you feel good. Chances are I might not be interested because right now I need to focus a lot on my health and life in general, it's not my best time. But I will considerate you for the future and I'd love to keep chatting if we are both comfortable. On the other hand, if you try to be waaay too nice, you try to make me feel like I owe you something/giving favours for free/ being too close, too touchy , while I'm making you understand that I am not interested in a respectful way but you keep trying, I will disappear for sure. I will let you live your life and find someone worth your love and attention, but for me it just a waste of time and energy. Or if I like someone at the beginning and then they end up not being what I was thinking and their real self is not something I can handle/invest my energy, integrity on I will disappear also despites the attachment than a manipulative behavior can cause. Same with friendships. I think I am more comfortable with less people and having time for my things and my pokimons and my dog (he is older and I want to spend quality time with him as much as possible) Last week I've realized lots of things, the more things I've realized were when I saw people at a party most of them people I knew from university. And it all felt like lame. Hehehe I feel really happy when I am able to live in a way that I can be more myself despites that implies not having that much frenzs or not being that loved as before. At least you don't hurt anybody and you behave fair. That gives me peace and makes me more capable of doing my duties without having that many things going in my head xD. I'd love to read more of your experienced opinions about this topic!!😸
  4. Just imagine having to learn German and being dislexic at the same time. h**l. Well, I make mistakes in every language I learn but never as much as in Spanish. Back in highschool I was really lame at orthography so sometimes I would just forget certain spelling rules such as writting b instead of v. Or y instead of ll". Or forgetting a certain order in the "h" of a word or just using something that does not exist. One time in a Language and literature exam I wrote "Madriz" instead of "Madrid" because it looked a lot like the pronunciation that I used to use for this word. And our teacher just pictured that in front of the class . I felt ashamed but at the same time nobody new I had "learning issues" and there are some mistakes that 8 cannot avoid making. Luckily in french I learned easier the rules because they made much more sense than in Spanish, also it was fun writing and pronouncing it. Verbs , rules, it looked a lot like how it was pronounced. Also guys!! The difference between American English and British english are really cool. I love the american writing much more because it's intuitive. Things that you can deduce and not just learn them by heart make life eaaasierrr. Ummm I can not memorize too much so I simply forget xD unless I remember or I have my self made deduction and conclusions to rethink them and relearn it in case there has been a lot of time without using it. Hehehhe for disasters like me, "google translate, and autocorrect your spelling" is a blessing
  5. I think in general we can all agree that there has been times when we've all been rejected more than usual. I mean, when you need the most love and affection because you are having a hard time and you want that deep conexion with someone you "resonate" then you get rejected. Somehow, it happened to me a lot back in the days, of course , there has been times of "success" but... rejection even when you are at your best can happen, you are just feeling better to deal with it. I think I do not know anything at all about love because I've realized that sometimes I like people that have skills, looks I wish I could have. Hehehe sometimes after a certain rejection I realize about what I liked about that person and I usually unconsciously achieve it. Then it's easier not liking everybody else and just focussing on liking yourself then if you find someone you feel comfortable around you two can match . It took me a long long time realizing about that. Now that I am "evolving" I don't think about people the same way I was used to. Also, I am more honest since the beginning, I was not able to know if I really liked someone or not , and that could mess things up so badly. I think that true love is not tox*c at all. And when there is love there is no rejection. The problem here is when you get obsessed over the idea of someone not their real self. I liked a lot the idea I had of someone, not his real self , turned out he was just a shadow of what I was expecting so I'm glad for being rejected and having moved on. Despites at that time I was suffering a lot and that rejection felt like being shot, but, it ended in the long therm being a good thing. I think that the worst part about rejections, at least from my point of view , is when that person comes back after a long time , expecting you to feel the same way. Like you still don't know them. (Well people can change their mind, of course, but I have a respect for myself and, If I have open my heart like a high way, and you've used it for your own purposes without caring about my well being at all, because you did not care , no matter how bad you were doing, we all have to face consequences.) I used to think that love was the only thing that could give a meaning to my existence, but there's a lot much going on, than just me and my unmature feelings, for example, when you have duties you don't get over emotional and the better you can dominate your emotions the more you can achieve. I am so thankful for being able to go back to presential university and having lots of people with duties around me and helping me grow. Here we have a serious problem with water, in 20-30 years we are expecting to live in a dessert zone so it's our job for us the younger generation to find a solution for that problem. Emotions are good but they don't have to mess up with your duties as a human being that belongs to society, if that happens society, and the world we know would not exist, there is a lot a lot to work , lots of things to solve... And rejections do not feel that hurtful when you get distracted, I love having things to doo, or if I am procrastinating and chilling playing videogames. Procrastination is good for creativity guys, and it's necessary having a break from time to time ,😼 do not trust social media gurus that sell one certain idea, pick the things you like about all the people you follow, but don't get doctrinated !! Same with love and people that make our heart beat faster hehehe if you get rejected again next time think, do I really really like them the whole package ? Or just the idea I had of them ?or some skill they have that I don't? Umm about relationships I should not give advice because I've have not had any jet , but I've seen lots of divorce in my family recently and it's one of the most stressful things you can experience in your life. But if you are dealing with a break up you can also identify what you liked about the other person and why, and what you did not like. What happened that made things get tox*c and learn from that experience.
  6. It iz my fav meme ever 🥺 I'm glad you've liked it 😸😸
  7. I just completed this quiz. My Score 14/100 My Time 154 seconds  
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 275 seconds   I got a "You know nothing John snow" and loved it!! I find it really reaaaaaallyyyy hard to pick xq
  9. Don't forget that just for the fact of being a human being you deserve being treated with respect. Being listened and being able to explain yourself whenever you want. Unfortunately the world is very very tox*c and there is a huge amount of people out there that cannot deal with their own s***t, so they use your issues as a way to entertain themselves. People change , adapt , evolve in order to cope with "natural selection". People that do not addapt, d*e. I am going to add something.Now related to mental diseases. It's okey being sick, but, you have to find a way to get treated or you will end up d***g. Nowadays there are two tipes of death , the physical, and the philosophical. When people lose their sanity, they stop behaving like a full working human being, and they d*e philosophically, sometimes there is a way of coming back from it. Sometimes there is not. And that's why they tell you when you are young to stay away from madness, because those people can't help, they have lost their s***t, their eyes have an empty gaze. People can lose their s***t because of lots of different things. Imagine yourself Onision, you've had a huuuuugeeeeee amount of pressure on your shoulders to deal with . Stressful situations to cope with. And here we do not know your situation like you do, so there might be lots and lots and lots things more making you feel pressured. If you end up losing your s***t, it would have been a consequence of all of that. But you want to be able to do your thing and live your life like everyone else. What is wrong with that? Someone, please explain me If this human being is a full working human, is not messing up with others , he is learning from his mistakes, he is just here addapting why are we messing up that much instead of giving him a constructive criticism?
  10. I have one main rule. If you do not know something, do not talk about it. Also, I do not like being told what to think, how to react, what do you expect? Me human, me random I love being able to make my own conclusions, also I think it is fair for everyone, having the chance of explaining yourself and being listened. Whenever I see "an assumption" I cringe Now it is not about being wrong or right It is about not having the emphathy of stoooneeeeee. Pdt: like with wspp, people in social media tell things and act crazy. It's like having a bunch of people saying stuff so freely and disrespectfully , if you do that in real life you'd be punched. Do not forget that.
  11. When I was younger I used to think that perhaps Plastic surgery could be a good option in order to cope with things I didn't like about my body. Now time has passed and I've Really been messed up to the point of being at high risk of needing a surgery. That made me think a lot. Imagine trying to accept that perhaps in a few months you will be having a surgery in your brain if the problem is not solved with medicines. It was at that moment when I realized I would never ever in my life made my body suffer unless is a necessity. Also I don't have a high pain tolerance so If I am going to suffer it has to be worth it. Last day I was talking to a friend while we were swimming , she is much older than me, and she told me "If someone likes you, this person has to like you for how you truly are, if you start changing things because you feel really insecure about them, you are going to reach a certain point where is hard to scape from" She was talking about lots of females she knows from our city, that are bosses, and they invest a lot of money in their body. She told me that one of them left her life partner to marry a richer man after she got surgery. This as an example, but not all people that get plastic surgery should relate to theses actitudes. But we can all agree that there is a certain pschicoloogical factor that we don't pay attention to. That need of getting that "fixed". I don't like when everybody tries to look the same. I remember I also used to get really accomplished about my face, or not having a thick upper body, but it was not because of me, it was because of my surroundings. Now that I am feeling more aware of who I am and where I want to be, I just don't care about any comparation. If I have a face more boyish than what you are used to and it makes you feel weird because you are scared of being atracted to things related to your same gender it's not my fault. It's all on you. Or if I like certain hair colors. Or whatever In conclusion, don't have plastic surgery because of being in a bad mental place, you should have it because of something superior. When I was a mini sebo I was always think that having a liposculture would be a quick fix xD. I'd rather do that than the rice and chicken trend that was in the gym back when I was younger. You will be happier if you are with people that love you who you are and make fun jokes with you. As someone that loves wearing push up in order to have a more femenine exaggerating figure, I love hugging my friends and telling them "can you feel it?" "It's all push up" and laughing together. Or one day I was looking in the mirror and realizing "I really look like a boy if I am not wearing make up or posing " I was talking with a friend of mine in the phone and she told me "but that is not something new xDD you have always looked like that u sebo" It's good wearing disguises but at the end of the day when you are walking half nacked in your house and you look in the mirror you have to be able to not freak out with what you have. I think that most people that have disphoria/body image issues if they were surrounded by the correct people that would respect them and accept them with whatever they have down their pants, they would not have to get that many painful surgeries and suffer that much in order to "be percieved, treated how the deserve". But there is still a long way to goooo
  12. I can relate to what you say. In my case, I feel like I've tried really hard , way too hard to be happy. To avoid that feeling of emptiness that I've always had. To force myself into fake emotions to the point I end up believing them. Talking about people, there is something I'd like to share. It's not fun and games. People change their minds, people can be mean. We have to adapt to situations and , I think that accepting when everything is falling appart is one of the most sincere things you can do to yourself. But it feels like trash, it's a pain that you can try to "enmascarade" but at your lowest it will come back. I am not really sure if there is truly a certain way to cope with pain, or we are just palliating it. The symptoms. Of a broken heart. We do not heal, we forget. That's the only thing we have left in this world for being able to cope with the fact of our irrelevant existance. Not forgiving, forgetting. We will always have that, new people can make you forget.
  13. Right now, I think two ships of wine is enough to make me look like Bambie with my body shaking and barely standing up xD. I've tried joint twice and I passed out. I am not good doing d***s. I used to be better with alcohol when I was younger .
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