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  1. I never took it to that level, but I have had friends I was ***ually att**cted to in the past.
  2. I am for sure, but only with good reason..
  3. Honestly anything will make me cry (Oh my god!! I love the new changes! You did such an amazing job with everything!)
  4. IPhone XR Pros: 1. Superior Battery Life 2. High-End Design 3. The Price 4. Multiple Color Options Cons: 1. Has only one camera 2.Lack Of 3D Touch 3. Display Quality Is Slightly Lower
  5. I'm in love with grackles! In the Rio Grande Valley, they're everywhere. They kinda remind me of a trashy crow. .
  6. I like the way you think. You're such a kind soul : )
  7. What do you think happens to us when we d*e? I'm not sure why, but I've been thinking about this question for a while now. My theory is that when we depart our bodies, our souls are reincarnated to like a tree.. or something like that. What are your thoughts?
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