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  1. I feel nice and full after my huge a** lunch!!! ItStarted with answering a question about food that did not smell good but was delicious and I thought of cauliflower, then I thought of broccoli, and I was like Yum that does taste goodAnd then from there broccoli and cheese soup occupy my mind! Ha ha Ha ha ha! Now I’m sitting here with a swollen belly wondering what happened! I ate so so much! It’s like my favorite food and it’s good for you
  2. I love raw cauliflower but cooked cauliflower smells bad I still eat it because I love it that’s just my input don’t judge we eat based on the smell hahaha I love it!!! btw. I think this community is amazing and each person is not one kind but to has an actual heart and soul thank you And I loves me some broccoli too!!! broccoli don’t smell to go but I love it especially broccoli and cheese soup and now OK I’ll be back later
  3. Whenever I created my profile on this, I kind of did it fast and very little on myself because I just wanted to hurry up and get it out so nobody thought that I was like a weirdo who didn’t have a profile pic and nothing written about them well now I’m trying to go back to add on so I can complete my actual profile. I know it can’t be hard but for some reason every time I try it won’t let me. I appreciate any help thanks y’all OK sorry if I figure it out or it’s just working now now I feel silly maybe I need a break and a snack hahaha If anyone ever wants to chat or ever go on twitch anything please message me anytime
  4. They couldn’t have just used funding for a documentary for some thing that could actually help someone or teach someone… sad
  5. You’re right, theyProbably did not get suspended. Which means that whoever controls what is being said throughout Facebook is in fact a person that uses their power for absolute EVIL!!! That is in fact some thing that I have never in my life have come across. I must say that I am so very glad to have people like You guys! Thank you I Honestly have no interest in viewing a documentary or whatever you wanna call it. If I watch it I’m giving them time that I will never get back it’ll probably make me more angry so I’m better off not. I can’t believe a documentary was made to a**ack a YouTuber. Insane..
  6. The thing is I didn’t yell because I’m not a person that yells at people. I was polite well spoken with him or her but they had said such a vile things , they were offending me as a woman.. i’m not complaining or whatever because Facebook is lame. It’s just a platform that my mother uses and my father I don’t post about controversial or personal things just my pets and interest… i’m so sorry that anyone has been treated so horribly yet always a**acked in every aspect of life I wanted to cry for O. That’s just not right anyway you look at it! I have not watched a documentary because I guess I just never came across it, seems everybody knows about it now when I mention it. They should be arrested for the way they treated O. But I’m sure that became a problem. I just am sickened and sorry This really makes me want to go to law school and further my education to see what can be done for people like Onision who I see now is most definitely the v****m! How can it be seen any other way I I I can’t talk right now anymore sorry guys I’m going to take a break
  7. wondering why people would rather count to 10,000 or whatever… OK that’s cool I guess, I just was trying to reach out to talk to somebody make a friend or something learn a new game, but instead of talking back to me you wanna count to see whatIs it the countdown to extinction…. Ha ha ha I love being in a forum That can count to 10,000 . See you guys later I’ll be around anytime
  8. This morning I was posting on Facebook my morning status as I was scrolling down I came across a discovery plus ad playing in the box and it was a commercial for a documentary with Onision coincidentally…. The first thing I see is a comment That was absolutely disgusting that I will not repeat But it was not comment about joining discovery +plus platform (I’ll just say that’s disgusting 🤮) The comment section was supposed to be for documentary plus but instead the first thing I see… I just felt compelled to say that it was not nice and I didn’t insult him now I didn’t try to fight with him now I just kind of scolded him like a school teacher but Facebook had suspended my account until further notice. When I say there was no foul language no insults no threats nothing I mean it whenever I ask to see why my account is no longer activeWhen I say there was no foul language no insults no threats nothing I mean it whenever I ask to see why my account is no longer active they sent me this they sent me this. Do you not understand. Nor do I actually care anymore I feel that I did the right thing today and I am not ashamed or regret my decision. Now on the other note this is the first time I actually spoke out to you guys like this, I have to say I’m nervous, sometimes I feel like I don’t really fit in with y’all but I really want to get to know all of and I what games do you play and what platform I’m open to trying to play anything please send me something you enjoy I consider all of y’all my friends Already but I know y’all are too cool for school for me ha ha Ha ha ha amanda
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 21/100 My Time 124 seconds  
  10. I’m from USA, My Dad was in the Army as a k*d so we moved around a lot
  11. Yea, I think I’d rather deal with ghosts… seriously seems so much more sanitary than having gr*ss nasty a** roaches… I really really hate roaches!!! But having ghosts might be cool… just my little input on the subject peace y’all ✌🏻
  12. Why thank you… appreciate you saying that ✌🏻
  13. Mostly wind and tree damage, but had to rip carpet out today bc roof thrashed and got some water in my bedroom… But I’m so blessed and lucky I still have a home… Thank you for looking out..
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