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  1. I had a dream someone that bullied me in high school invited me over to their house and was being really nice to me. The day I woke up from this dream I found out he slept with one of my teachers. Interesting timing considering I have not spoken to this person for over 5 years. Thanks brain.
  2. I am Pan-se*ual meaning my se*ual attraction isn't gender orientated and more person orientated, so I really cant understand people who fake their attraction for some personal benefit. In saying that, my partner is a straight man so I am perceived as a straight women, so this question feels very relevant to me. Regardless, people who fake their se*uality for attention or some other type of personal gain aren't actively experiencing a real connection with someone and I think that's punishment enough for that behavior.
  3. Heya, My name is Cursy/Ruby (either one) and I'm a broke uni student :). I'm studying psychology and am half way through my degree as of this year. I'm from Australia meaning that right now I'm studying online a lot, and I thought this might be the perfect place to make some friends or find some company. Please follow me and/or reply if you are in the need of a new friend because I am! P.s I cant figure out how to upload a photo for my profile picture can someone help me?
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 7/100 My Time 135 seconds  
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