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  1. Just curious what helps y'all out. A few things I like are being alone, distracting myself with anime or a book, & drinking something warm.
  2. Yep. Once I love someone, that's it. Even though I consciously know that love isn't enough, so long as there's still some in my heart, I refuse to give up on a person. I'm never the one to end it, even when I know it's not working. And I'll literally stay m*******e, swimming upstream forever. That's just how I am. But as I get older, this is getting so much more exhausting. It's funny how naive I used to be, thinking I could give this much of myself over and over again. Need to be more selective on who I even give a chance.
  3. My opinion is that those types of surgeries only do what they say they will—help with weight loss. They (probably) won't make you love yourself. Any type of growth, physical, intellectual, etc, starts from within. So yes like Onision said above, therapy sounds like a great idea. And if you do choose to lose weight, I hope you can do so while loving yourself and your body in every step of the process. And if needed, with the help of people who truly care about your wellness, not just the number on the scale. I've gone through an ED and many different phases with my own body. Even after losing so much weight I was m*******e at first. What set me straight was getting my relationship with myself & food right. That looks different for everyone. much love and best wishes to you ❤️
  4. So. My bad therapy experience just involved a lot of confusion. To be fair, they seemed like nice lad**s. But I didn't gain much from our time. So to start, yes—them. There were 2 lad**s with me for my sessions. Which from the get-go struck me as a bit odd, since I'm used to therapy being a one-on-one thing. One would usually have a notepad to write things down, and the other did the majority of the talking. They offered me no constructive advice. I would be telling them stories of my past and start crying, and then they seemed to get upset and look as if they're about to cry with me. They'd say "That's awful, I'm so sorry", and come to hug/hold me with some tissues. Which, I am grateful I had someone to vent to but like, a) I'm pretty sure therapists aren't supposed to touch you lol and b) I needed a therapist's advice, not a friend. And the cherry on top; The oddest part was that every single session they hooked me up to some kind of brain wave monitoring device—I s***t you not. They never explained to me what it was, but I had to take out my piercings as they attached multiple suction cup looking things to my head, and on a screen it displayed little waves. Back then I just kind of went with it, and looking back I always think 'what the f*** was the point of that??" So my sessions were basically crying with two Russian lad**s hugging me while a bunch of wires are attached to my head. It's actually a pretty hilarious image when I look back at it.
  5. Heyy everyone. Nice to be here. Not really sure how to introduce myself so here's a pic of my art ❤️ see ya in the forums
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