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  1. My brother German Shepard Akita mix ki**ed my moms chickens. He’s still a puppy. his face while I was yelling at him. the face of a m**derer🙄
  2. AikMp4


    I grew up learning English as my main language.
  3. AikMp4


    I was born into English but going into highschool all the other languages like Spanish or French was really born to me. Our sister school was a school in Japan and there was a lot of exchanges and going back-and-forth. One of our language classes was Japanese and I found it Very interesting and fun to learn :)
  4. Hello! Thank you for letting me join for free.I really appreciate as I’m trying to pay off my dogs vet bills,and trying to move out on the side of that, my mom taking half of my paychecks Lol. Still happy though my name is Aiko. I am 18. I do digital art. I also do commissions.you can find me on Instagram at @Aiko_.Mp4 🙂 Ive been watching onision since I was so much younger and been following up with him every now. I only understand Japanese and english
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