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  1. Not going to answer someone laughing at me or my words, bye
  2. Is iPhone XR good or trash ? Pls help 🙏
  3. Wet food- for kitties because dry food is loaded with corn and other byproducts that some cats systems can’t tolerate. My vet actually explained it can cause them to have a build up of stuff when they pee, specifically male cats too. I give my kitties really healthy food but they sometimes won’t eat it lol I just work hard to find stuff they do. Most of my money goes to those lil bb’s and I have no regrets. Their healthy food is called tiny tiger 🐯
  4. Healthy boi 🍎😂 Don’t you all laugh at me for this but nuts 🥜 🌰 they are so healthy, good protein and you can add anything to make it a trail mix, dark chocolate, dried fruit or pretzels too.
  5. Proficient eh ?? My brain would beg to differ with this rank 😂

    Classic Reaction GIF

  6. Did you ? 😂 What if I’m the real Rick and morty ? What if they did, what if I did ?? 🧐😂 Do you though ?
  7. My phone is an old iPhone 6 and the battery is going. So I can either replace the battery or invest in a new phone. Think I’m choosing the latter option, not sure if something is wrong with the charging port on the current one 🥲
  8. It was an arm & hammer baking soda thingy for your fridge, it removes smells and other bacteria 🦠 Though this isn’t a box, it’s a sticky suction cup one that looks like a smoke detector…so you can stick it to the fridge wall and save space. Lol I’m sure no one finds this interesting but me. I like practical things 💚
  9. Karma is Hindu & it’s a misconception amongst people who don’t know the real meaning. Googling it won’t help you, hearing Christians or other non Hindus saying “karma is a b**ch” or karma will get you…has confused many people who this concept doesn’t apply to, anyway. Read the Vedas or the Bhagavad Gita to truly understand, karma isn’t to get something back in this life necessarily. You can be a selfless person here and that doesn’t mean you will gain riches. Dharma is also a word that has a lot of meaning and references to this subject/concept. How confusing it must be to take KARMA out of context and use it as a way to scare people or convince them to be good. In Hinduism- you have a right to your actions, not the fruit of them…that means you cannot hold onto getting something in return or acting decent to have “decent karma” it doesn’t “work” that way pun intended.
  10. My friend actually saved a raccoon in Long Island and its probably better behaved than myself 😂 I wouldn’t take one in because I don’t have the knowledge and I’m in a city with kitties 🐱 but I love people saving animals, foxes are beautiful too. These are wild creatures though, you’d need a really good vet who even has the capability of caring for one. Seems like a lot of work and almost like raising a ch*ld. Much respect to anyone who does undertake this task 💜
  11. My dad is not in my life, that’s not up to me and no matter how my mom treats me or acts…I’ve always been there for her. We always talk and the only time we didn’t was when I was nanny for a couple who was going on vacation, I didn’t have a cell phone to contact her 😂 but I found ways like using a pay phone or borrowing one 💜
  12. To clarify my answer because I feel judged, the only time it has happened was with someone I knew very well as a friend and finally decided to go on a date with and it wasn’t casual. I saw this person again and we were in a relationship eventually. Also, I am 32 years old not 22 and have never been into casual stuff nor have I slept with guys I don’t know personally. The question was would you put out on a first date, not did you sleep with them and never see them again 🧐 It would never be with a stranger or someone I don’t trust and never someone I wouldn’t see again or consider being in a relationship with. I’m too romantic for casual things 🥺 I definitely stated I’d have to know the person 😅
  13. I’m straight but I also can fall for anyone, it just hasn’t happened yet. I don’t judge romance on gender or how someone is perceived. It’s about how they make feel and I could be attracted to anyone (physically) it’d depend on their personality too though and chemistry bc I’m very submissive and like dom people usually. I think that matters more to me than what your pronouns are- it’s are you dominant ? 😂😘
  14. Hey, you come up with great topics. What can I say 😂💜
  15. I bet people think I post a lot bc I like to talk and while I do, it’s that I want my rank to go up also 😆 I need that Toad 🍄  I like the topics too though.

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  16. The Rock and Triple H were my favorites and hardy boys, under taker, stone cold was hilarious 🍺 and it was wwf when I watched 😅 I sound old af
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