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  1. sporcle. great for dumb quizzes like "name the lyrics for the pokemon theme tune" or something
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  3. If you're not sure it's going to greatly improve your mental health, there's a good chance it won't. So if that's the main reason you're getting it, you may feel like it's a waste by the end of it. If it's just one part of a larger plan to make yourself a happier person, maybe you'll still feel it's worthwhile. Basically, don't rely on surgery to solve all of your problems
  4. I did some work in Botswana, that was the first time i had in sandstorms. Pretty freaky in the cheaply made small buildings with tin roofs. While in China, I've seen plenty of typhoons rip down trees and flood the metro system, but luckily the worst it's impacted me is a day off work lol I'm from England, so for most of my life, it's just drizzly rain
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  6. I've only been once, in Shenzhen. It was just an okay experience 😆
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