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  1. I didn’t see this coming, but i miss you too.
  2. I have a weird one that comes to mind that I think is slightly funny. It happened a few years ago. I have a mermaid tail I use for .. well mostly fun …but also cosplay. A pretty well known photographer reached out to me for a modeling proposition. Mermaid photoshoot. I went through with it, unfortunately. I didn’t know these pics would go viral, be featured in articles and also sent to the Ellen show 😩 Some rando messaged me and was like “hey!” I replied.. “Hi, do I know you?” They said “Yes! You a mermaid” 🤣🤣🤣 It made me giggle. But after that I didn’t reply and I got “hey” “hello” “hi” “hey” “hi” you there” “hellooooo” “hey” “hey” “hello” “hi” “hey” “hi” you there” “hellooooo” “hey” “hey” “hello” “hi” “hey” “hi” you there” “hellooooo” “hey” I silenced them and looked back a few months later and they were like “fu{k you mermaid b!+ch” 👀 I went to a more light hearted response for this thread because it’s all too common for people to send really gr*ss messages/photos. I don’t feel like going there. Wut. The. Eff. I have been slightly, very slightly, exposed to being a relevant topic (although I didn’t ask for it, I stay away from social media) And got so many insulting messages. Body shaming, my morals, parenting choices… whatever people could pick apart. Literally anything. Humans can be so cruel. It feels like almost everyone is masking all the time. If a single person has a bad opinion, sorry “lazy opinion” 😂🙈 There will be others following behind just to project their own misery. Telling someone “they should d*e” 🤨😞 It’s effed up.
  3. I’ve never used Twitter. Just never got into it 🤷‍♀️
  4. 👋 Hi. I’m new as well. So far everyone is freakishly nice and supportive.
  5. I’m not sure a hair cut would make someone who thinks they are freggin u**y af would change much. also why don’t I get notifications? 😞 Like, I don’t want to complain because I haven’t contributed money wise to this site yet, but I’ll post and people comment and I would never know if I didn’t go back and look. I’m sorry 😔 Hugs
  6. I’m not sure I understand the question. Personally, I am panse*ual and also demise*ual. I enjoy the fluidity and never feeling pressure when it comes to who I find attractive and the other bulls***t standards that go along with intimacy.
  7. Goes to show the exact reason why I have no business taking these quizzes 🤣
  8. Anyone else possibly struggle with low self esteem, maybe some body dysmorphia. I feel like it’s getting worse with age. I hate it. I go out and everyone looks so comfortable in their skin and I’m just like 😩 and for the record I am not a petty person like that. I can easily find beauty in everyone else. Just not my own outward appearance. bleh.
  9. Yeah none of it really affects you or anyone else …aside from Onision and their family. No offense. Not your problem. I came in late as a “fan” but I genuinely feel bad about what I have seen. I feel bad for them and hope they can fully recover and move on career wise.
  10. This is probably one of my favorite Onision videos
  11. This is really haunting and kind of made me sad. Digging the animation.
  12. Also twisted Seltzer 😊 Sorry, not sorry.
  13. Don’t drive often due to agoraphobia but yes I have mine.
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