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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 90/100 My Time 167 seconds  
  2. A few years ago, I went vegetarian. There were even some stages where I went completely vegan. I cut out meat and some dairy because I watched a lot of Onision's videos surrounding the topic. I confirmed and agreed with his rationale after doing some research of my own about some of the tragic affects that meat consumption can have on your health, the environment, and the sick treatment that animals go through because of our own selfishness. He also pointed out how there is technically no reason why most people can't go vegetarian, and I saw the logic in that too. The pros out weighed the cons of this lifestyle, and so I decided to give it a try. Once I did, I felt so much better. I felt lighter, more energetic, and more confident. I even lost some weight from it, which was a nice benefit. Now I maintain a more omnivorous diet, consuming small servings of fish and poultry. I still feel great as I once did, although I am considering going vegetarian again.
  3. My name is Schatzi. I have lived within the small towns of Bluefield and Princeton, WV my whole life. I am 22 years old and currently go to a small 4-year college in Virginia in hopes to become an English teacher with a ***** in psychology, as my goal is to one day change the lives of young people by teaching them the love of reading and writing. I am a cat person AND a dog person. I am definitely an introvert, but can be REALLY talkative when around the right people. I'm sure many people here can relate. I can listen to any topic within any range and be engaged all the way through while being totally silent. But when around the right people, such as my family and some of my friends, I could go on forever. I especially love this online forum, as I feel like I can be myself without being judged. This place is my outlet for expression in a lot of ways and I'm really thankful for it. I am Virgo sun, Taurus ascending, and Libra moon. I am very low-key and a major protector of my peace. One with animals and nature. My music tastes are anywhere and everywhere - My playlist can go anywhere from Enya to jazz to Rob Zombie to Metallica in seconds - But I find that my more favorited genres these days are lo-fi beats and hip-hop. In my spare time, I love to walk, swim, lift weights, or do any sort of exertion. I think being physically active is highly cathartic, rewarding, and extremely underrated. I also love to do sudoku puzzles, play cards/board games and video games. I also love to read. Currently, I am reading Educated by Tara Westover and The Green Mile by Stephen King. I currently don't have any favorite books but some of my favorite works are "When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer" by Walt Whitman, "Lady Lazarus" by Sylvia Plath, and "Ozymandias" by Percy Shelley.
  4. If you are sensitive to death, addiction, d***s, and ab**e, it is advisable to avoid reading this post. A family member of mine passed away. Her name was Anita. As a 40-year-old woman, she always carried so much positive energy. She was always so happy and bubbly - not to mention intelligent, hilarious, and just an all-around great woman. She was a mother as well, raising a 13-year-old boy. The pictures and being around them were telling enough to know that they had a strong bond. He loved his mother, and she loved him. Anita, about a year ago, needed surgery on her back. As she recovered from her surgery, she became a little too comfortable with the painkillers she was prescribed, marking the dawn of her addiction. The person she was beforehand in comparison to who she was after this were night and day - A happy and high-energy person became unpredictable and ill-natured - And it was like this for a while before things took a turn for the worst, when she overdosed on her med*cation, and her son found her in her chair, unconscious. She was on a ventilator in a medically-induced coma for ten days before she was officially declared d**d. And, as all of this unfolded, I had to watch a brother lose a sister, two parents lose a daughter, and worst of all, a young k*d lose his mother. Anita's death is not only tragic because of all of the loss and grief her passing has caused, but the events that led up to her addiction. It was the events that compelled her to carry on the will to be addicted to d***s, to never even stop and think about the damage being done to herself and not to mention her family - the emotional turmoil they would all have to go through and what she'd be exposing her son to at such a young age. It was her past, and the things she went through during her ch*ldhood that she couldn't tell anyone, and the massive amount of pain and trauma that she was trying to numb - that caused this horrid ripple affect. As a girl who grew up in a traditionally southern household, she was "heard but never seen", rendering her completely silenced about anything she went through. And, sadly, as a small ch*ld, all it took was a few minutes of her being left in the hands of cold, calculating men for her life to go into a downward spiral of depression, codependency, ab**e, and the ki**er, drug addiction. She was forced to take her feelings into her own hands as a ch*ld, and as an adult, this is what has become of it all - a very tragic and early death.
  5. If I could watch one movie for the rest of my life, it would be H.E.R. The aesthetic in that movie is everything. Lonesomeness in warmth or kisses in the rain? GO. It's 'Her', not H.E.R. I apologize for the confusion, lol.
  6. Today, I am feeling rather sullen. Our dog, Pebbles, who was 10 years old, passed away due to heart failure. There may have been some other complications as well, given that nearing her death she seemed to be having some neurological issues as well, such as loss of motor functions and seizures - curious conditions that were beyond our control, even after several scans and vet visits. After several months of various treatments to remedy her illnesses, she was not responding to any of them. She stopped eating her food and drinking her water. Her seizures began to get worse. She would scream and have fits in her sleep. And so today, when these behaviors escalated and got to the extreme and she had been showing zero improvement to the treatments, we had to do the worst possible alternative, which was to put her to sleep as the veterinarian suggested, since we would only prolong her pain and suffering even further if we decided to take no action. We would have liked to have allowed her to pass away at home where she could be comfortable and happy, but there was no telling what would have happened had that been the case. Thankfully, at the vet, she at least passed away in the arms of those who loved her.
  7. I have honestly never heard of this happening. But, I'll go with it. To shame someone for being sick would be uncalled for and illogical given that most people who get sick do not have a choice in the matter. For example, I went to my mom's house to celebrate the 4th of July. My brother got sick - and, of course I didn't shame him, because he didn't just wake up one day and choose to be obtain an invasive, highly contagious illness. Eventually, my type 1 diabetic boyfriend who was there got extremely sick, and then, inevitably, I got sick too. I didn't know my brother was sick before I went to go see him and my mom, and given that he's little, he doesn't know the concept of personal space, so the second I saw him he was inches away from my face, greeting me with a raspy voice and a runny nose. So, due to unforeseen circ*mstances, I don't really think that being sick is som*thing I or anyone else should be held accountable for. However, if you get upset at someone for being sick because that person didn't tell you they were sick and you are around them, that's acceptable, because that is extremely inconsiderate.
  8. I am definitely a summer person. Since I live in southern West Virginia, the seasons are very mellowed out, so there is not much of an extreme of anything in terms of climates. It's very rare that the temperatures reach the negatives here, but they can still be pretty k****r. So for me, and I'm sure for many others (depending on where you live, since the warmer climates in certain places can be much more harsh), summer is a very convenient season. I don't have to worry about spending extra money on coats or heavier clothing, I don't have to sc**** my windshields before leaving, I don't have to worry about ice on the roads, or stay in the house all the time. I love to be outside, walking around the mountains, going to the park, or swimming - and winter makes that impossible because I absolutely cannot stand the cold. I'd much rather have the freedom of enjoying life instead of worrying about ice and snow.
  9. I often end up dealing with some depressive issues because of x, y & z, and sometimes out of nowhere. This summer has been particularly difficult in terms of mental health because of depression. Usually, I NEVER feel depressed this frequently, but here we are. So what do I do to feel better? A lot of the times, I will just go and lie down. I'll look at my phone or fall asleep. Also, spending sometime outside in the sun and absorbing the heat is awesome for a plethora of mental health issues, including anxiety, which I also deal with on a daily basis. I don't know what it is, but doing this has changed my life. Also, writing in my journal and being fully transparent with how I feel helps. Moreover, here are some other small things that have made my worst days a little brighter that I'd like to suggest. 🙂 Reach out to friends, family, or whoever is willing to effectively listen. Go take a shower. I know this sounds strange, but change your outfit. A change of clothes you feel confident/comfy in is self care in a way I can't explain. Open the windows and let some fresh air/light in. Clean/organize just one small thing in your room. Eat som*thing you love. Go driving. Hug/pet your cat or dog. Your SO. Hope these help!
  10. Although, I probably wouldn't do or say anything other than be annoyed, lol.
  11. If it were my house, it would feel a little strange. I feel like it's common decency to keep your clothes on, even if it is hot. There are just certain behaviors at other people's houses that you don't exude, and taking your shirt off and walking around like you own the place is crossing a boundary, especially if you don't at least ask first. It's called etiquette, which I understand highly differential across different countries of the world. That is fine - that's their prerogative. But at my place, it's generally not acceptable, unless you're my boyfriend/girlfriend/romantic partner. Otherwise, keep your clothes on, please.
  12. Currently, I am going to college to become an English Teacher with a minor in psychology. I begin student teaching in a year and a half, and I hope to begin my actual teaching career directly afterwards. I had a job as a cashier while trying to do school at the same time, but then the pandemic hit and as an employee I was furloughed (temporarily laid off). I was called back later in the semester and couldn't go because my course load was too heavy. Thankfully, I had enough saved up so that I wouldn't have to work if I had to leave my job because of something like school, and so that's what I did and am doing still. If you can do it, saving helps!
  13. In terms of alcohol, drinking is one of those things that I cannot do very much. I absolutely loathe the way that alcohol of any considerable amount makes me feel. I've never drank much in my life - only on birthdays, and certain holidays, but that's it. It's nice at first when what I'm drinking tastes good, such as cider or wine in a social setting where we're all just relaxing, but I simply cannot continually down any more than a single drink because when I do I feel restricted, sleepy and uninspired. Although certain beverages taste great and it's fun to try different things, I will honestly never understand how people can long to be intoxicated with alcohol for the physiological and cognitive affects it causes. However, in terms of non-alcoholic beverages, I would say club soda is my top pick. It's just water with Co2 obviously, but the fizzy aspect always suffices my soda cravings I get from time to time. It's satisfying and a healthy way to get H2O intake and there are a ton of flavors to choose from. If there is anyone here with an attachment to soda and you're trying to ween yourself off of it, I would advise you to try replacing it with sparkling water, as it definitely does the job. It sounds silly, but if you just "pretend" you're drinking soda with sparkling water, if you really think about it, the only part you'd be missing from the water is the anticipated sweetness of soda.
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