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  1. Currently, I am going to college to become an English Teacher with a minor in psychology. I begin student teaching in a year and a half, and I hope to begin my actual teaching career directly afterwards. I had a job as a cashier while trying to do school at the same time, but then the pandemic hit and as an employee I was furloughed (temporarily laid off). I was called back later in the semester and couldn't go because my course load was too heavy. Thankfully, I had enough saved up so that I wouldn't have to work if I had to leave my job because of something like school, and so that's what I did and am doing still. If you can do it, saving helps!
  2. In terms of alcohol, drinking is one of those things that I cannot do very much. I absolutely loathe the way that alcohol of any considerable amount makes me feel. I've never drank much in my life - only on birthdays, and certain holidays, but that's it. It's nice at first when what I'm drinking tastes good, such as cider or wine in a social setting where we're all just relaxing, but I simply cannot continually down any more than a single drink because when I do I feel restricted, sleepy and uninspired. Although certain beverages taste great and it's fun to try different things, I will honestly never understand how people can long to be intoxicated with alcohol for the physiological and cognitive affects it causes. However, in terms of non-alcoholic beverages, I would say club soda is my top pick. It's just water with Co2 obviously, but the fizzy aspect always suffices my soda cravings I get from time to time. It's satisfying and a healthy way to get H2O intake and there are a ton of flavors to choose from. If there is anyone here with an attachment to soda and you're trying to ween yourself off of it, I would advise you to try replacing it with sparkling water, as it definitely does the job. It sounds silly, but if you just "pretend" you're drinking soda with sparkling water, if you really think about it, the only part you'd be missing from the water is the anticipated sweetness of soda.
  3. Honestly, I wish I were a heavy sleeper. With any slight sound from outside my bedroom, I wake up almost instantly. I usually have no problem falling back asleep, but staying asleep is my biggest issue. Another thing - I can never sleep in. My circadian rhythm is adjusted to between only five and six hours of sleep per night, even if I have awoken through the night multiple times or have stayed up really late. What's worse is sometimes when I do wake up, I take forever to fall back asleep, even if I am exhausted. Surprisingly enough, I'm able to function fine most days. As someone who could have up to six or seven hours straight of just working and constantly focusing on multiple tasks a time as a college student and then even more later in the day, I do struggle a little, but an occasional snack or walking outside is pretty rejuvenating.
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