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  1. Well, I got my nails done. And, I think that this is DEFINITELY self care for me. I’m happy, they’re beautiful, and I feel much prettier and much more “me”. This was how I felt when I was a young adult, before I was torn up and spit out by ab**e and neglect. I will continue to get my nails done. This was a great idea.
  2. Sailor Moon is a lot weirder than I remember it being. 
    sailor moon GIF

  3. That’s the problem I’m having 😭 Oh holy wow Thank you for this insightful answer!! I think I had a similar thing happen to me, long long ago, and I just never realized it. My husband told me 2 weeks ago that I should do some self care, and I had no idea what that even meant or what self care would be for me. So, now I’m trying to figure out what things I used to do that made me happy, that I stopped doing because it was “selfish”. Nails, and my hair were things I LOVED and stopped doing for reasons you’ve listed above.
  4. What do you do for “self care”? I’m very bad at self care, and I’d love to hear what y’all do. I’m getting my nails done tomorrow to see if that’s self care for me.
  5. Books/something to read coffee. Any and all kinds Plants. They make me happy. animals. See above for why and, if I can be corny for a moment, my spouse.
  6. Lyme Disease i wouldn’t wish this on literally anyone.
  7. 🎶I’m dr*wning in the deep end baby, 

    I like how the bubbles look🎶
    vintage flowers GIF

  8. Let me put it this way. My franchise owner fired someone for throwing away ex**red tuna salad, seafood salad and avocado. I was written up for throwing away a box of rotten tomatoes. we had people rinsing mold and bugs out of spinach and reheating meatballs that were over a week old. I personally got STUPID SICK off the veggie patties. I found out they were over a month ex**red after the fact.
  9. Like, ever? If we’re taking like, ever played, imma say the SNES
  10. I would LOVE to! I’ve wanted to for so long. The culture! The sights! THE CLOTHES!!!! The lights!!
  11. subway. It was actually horrible. And ruined most fast food for me. My franchise owner was actually just awful and so much stuff was out of date and hella ex**red. Or straight rotten/moldy
  12. Imma be a lame. He’s absolutely adorable, but I thinks it’s hotter that he can be interacted with here, VS impersonal voyeurism.
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