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  1. You took the words outa Omg 😃 lol you took the. Words outa my brain and said it in just the right way short and to the point .....I s*ck at this stuff and I just take a little bit longer explaining my observations about the anti-"O"- cult I'm meAn clout monsters ....I mean yah ya know ...
  2. Oh trust me they totally drank your coolaid ......Someone who doesn't care about someone doesnot spend that much time whatching a&e specials and investigating 6 plus odd years of someone's intire internet career without developing some kind of attachment or symposium or was a secret fan all along and then just like that they turn on you twisting every Convo and going way over the top ...literally with there black 🖤 soles being so so horrible makes me sick and I might not know as much about you cuz I am newer to social media but I like what you do and you make me laugh .so you get my vote and I hate to here them bulling you and not be able to help ...plus Onision=laughter Onision a haters=negative mean u**y you decided wish more dangerous..... Wich not wish ...lol I'm a horrible speller .....
  3. I was recently a**ack'd for like three days straight because I defended you in your old debates Onision and I would do it a million times again cuz it's the right thing to do people are so negative ....and are missing out on all the loughs because there to consintrated on views ..
  4. This is probably a stupid question but how do I change the mode and I also wanted to know why when I try to upload pics and gifs to the members gallery every time it sez file to large and it also sez the same when I try to upload a gif to gallery
  5. Uuuurg every quiz keeps malfunction ING picture just shakes ....
  6. Keep your chin up o u are a very creative person and don't forget that that and I started watching your videos because I like your content ...and your hilleryus ....do you ...and f the people who don't agree .... Well I always use my full name lol so if the peanut gallery wants to give me there opinion they will know where to find me ..I really wish more people would have stood up to these hypocrite s at the time I don't like whatching those sheep and not be able to correct there stupidity when it happened to you ..alot of friends and fans let u down ...
  7. I want to say I wasn't around at the time of all the YouTubers like Blair white and Joy sparkle sunshine made there debate videos I wanted to understand why you decided to not make videos and OMG now I know why people are so dirty and horrible and I wish I could've commented at the time of the video s I left my opinion on the comments just now ....and u can go see them ... But why is everyone getting rich off of debasing and lyeing on YouTube about u but ..you can't make money yourself ...this is wrong this is slander and they should be demonatized ......and Everytime you kept your cool . b.w. she's sloppy and sounds so ignorent ...and you basically are getting robbed ....I hope Now that YouTube has the facts of your innocents that they....will reverse the hole thing cuz they shouldn't get another dime off your name till you are compancated....
  8. First thing I am the biggest paranormal fan ever ....I truly believe that all of these people having experience and catching evp's can not all be a lie ...with that being said when I was way younger me and my friends were using a spirit board and we asked what's your name and it spelled no joke it spelled JASSICA so one of my friends must not know how to spell very well...I died laughing.. I agree I am surprised with all of the sls and bill chapel inventions and thousands of video captures that are out there. that our society as a hole would not dive right into tap into our resources to get some long awaited divination.. on this topic ....... Or some kind of government team response it makes u wonder why they have collective amniesia about anything paranormal ....
  9. Honesty is the best policy . As long as you strive to do the right things and be the best person you can be then by all account please be honest and don't lie BUT if you tend to do negative things then by all means lie your a** off cuz it's better than constantly spreading your doom and gloom and negative vibes everywhere ......and the people closest to u will always be able to tell the difference..and can react according ly if that makes since
  10. Super Nintendo needs a comeback tour .... Mario s world where he can ride the dinosaur guy ..love that game
  11. World domination mmmuaaah.. In regards to the brain thing ya u know what I mean
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