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  1. Yes I'm all good now 🀣 I just know that i should never fall asleep on my back... I actually think that I fell asleep while reading that night, guess my imagination was running wild lol
  2. thankfully my dog is harmless to humans and doesn't jump, but he's overly protective so will bark at bees but he's good around people 🀣
  3. Nintendo E3 tomorrow at 5pm GMT (I think), so exciteddd
  4. I have a dobermann pinscher, one of the sweetest and clumsiest dogs that gets a pretty bad rep in most hollywood movies lol
  5. I would choose homeless, could live out the rest of our days in a camper van and travel the world. What if you could only walk if you were talking at the same time, or you could only speak when sitting down? Random i know
  6. I second this, growing the community is always checking what people like to talk about, and engage with those topics the most so people post more. I try to engage in the topics, but I need to start posting some topics myself πŸ˜„.
  7. the beginning of the melody of this song is so addicting to listen to, makes me forget about life for a hot second
  8. Takes me ages to fall asleep but once I'm gone I am GONE... however according to my boyfriend I sleep with my mouth open, talk in my sleep (apparently I've moaned before) and stick my butt out? Lmao wonder what I'm dreaming of for that to happen. But yeah I'm definitely not the best to sleep next to, I sprawl myself out and take up almost the whole bed 🀣
  9. I've learned to not talk s***t or rant to people about another person, because most of the time it isn't worth it and it will come back to bite you in the end. And a very important lesson I've learned about people; the way they talk about others will reflect how they talk about you when you're not there. I'm still young though so I have a bunch more lessons to learn πŸ’€
  10. Honestly it feels crap at the time but I just think, I've learned from that experience and it's all in the past now, may as well keep moving
  11. Id say the benefits i get from them are: Feeling more awake Skin isnt red and inflamed Hair looks shinier (????) Its good to take a hot shower or bath just before bed because of how quickly your body temperature drops when getting out of the shower, and the cooler your body temperature, the easier it is to fall asleep.. learnt this from my Psych teacher aha
  12. Sunny and slightly warm (22 degrees C) it's surprising to have nice weather when England is known for s***tty rain and cold all year round πŸ˜…
  13. I don't drink very often but my favourite is Rhubarb gin and lemonade, or a Disaronno and coke (i have a sweet tooth)
  14. For the celebrity one it depends what they did, and I don't use twitter cus it's an absolute mess on that app, lol.
  15. I don't have a favourite DGR 3 character either since I'm in the middle of playing the game, I just started and the main character is 'The Ultimate Pianist', I play the piano and I'm kinda biased loll
  16. went on my account and I'm apparently a hufflepuff
  17. Personal trainer / Life coach, you get all the benefits, medical insurance, PTO, and flexible holidays, idk what other benefits you'd get in the US but 😌
  18. The only pro 'left -handed people are smarter' has been disproved. so I don't think it's great being left-handed πŸ₯΄ also we get more minor injuries because we're handicapped when it comes to using right-handed tools πŸ™ƒ
  19. Not sure if this has been done yet but just a simple question : P I'm a leftie which means i smudge my paper without fail πŸ™ƒ
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