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  1. thankfully my dog is harmless to humans and doesn't jump, but he's overly protective so will bark at bees but he's good around people
  2. Nintendo E3 tomorrow at 5pm GMT (I think), so exciteddd
  3. I have a dobermann pinscher, one of the sweetest and clumsiest dogs that gets a pretty bad rep in most hollywood movies lol
  4. I would choose homeless, could live out the rest of our days in a camper van and travel the world. What if you could only walk if you were talking at the same time, or you could only speak when sitting down? Random i know
  5. I second this, growing the community is always checking what people like to talk about, and engage with those topics the most so people post more. I try to engage in the topics, but I need to start posting some topics myself .
  6. ******** is never something to be praised for I agree, but the right of autonomy with one's body is extremely important. In the current world we live in, a lot of households cannot function without two household incomes (both parents working), as everything is just getting a lot more expensive. In our early 20s most of us are starting careers or still in University. Accidents do happen unfortunately, people get pregnant on birth control, using ******s etc. and a lot of women aren't in the position to raise a c***d, some can't look after themselves, and I've SEEN what happens when people who aren't fit to have a c***d have them, they become neglected, depressed and mentally ill later on, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. However, it shouldn't be something to be praised, or demeaned, it should just be something that happens that sucks. Men do have the short end of the stick when it comes to custody of their k***s, and there are many double standards between the genders. How come when a person is 'brain d**d' in a coma we can end their life by pulling the plug but a foetus with barely a heart beat and not even conscious, is not allowed to be t********d? You could argue that there is the potential there for the life to develop in a foetus, but a brain d**d person will never be able to live a 'life' of their own again. If I became pregnant right now, an ******** would be honestly traumatising, I'm still unsure of whether I would keep it, as it would mean giving up on my degree, going into debt, potentially getting me and my boyfriend kicked out of our homes, the stigma of being young parents (although thats the least of my worries), I'll probably resent my partner later on and the k*d wouldn't have a mum and dad living together etc. It is a huge responsibility that a lot of people are not ready for, but I think you are especially brave for deciding to keep the c***d and raise it, this world nowadays makes it difficult to put k***s before careers, in conclusion we're all just slaves I'll probably end up adopting when I'm older too TL;DR: Tried to make balanced argument, I'm pro choice but recognise the struggles men go through when it comes to wanting a c***d/custody
  7. the beginning of the melody of this song is so addicting to listen to, makes me forget about life for a hot second
  8. Takes me ages to fall asleep but once I'm gone I am GONE... however according to my boyfriend I sleep with my mouth open, talk in my sleep (apparently I've moaned before) and stick my butt out? Lmao wonder what I'm dreaming of for that to happen. But yeah I'm definitely not the best to sleep next to, I sprawl myself out and take up almost the whole bed
  9. I've learned to not talk s***t or rant to people about another person, because most of the time it isn't worth it and it will come back to bite you in the end. And a very important lesson I've learned about people; the way they talk about others will reflect how they talk about you when you're not there. I'm still young though so I have a bunch more lessons to learn
  10. Honestly it feels crap at the time but I just think, I've learned from that experience and it's all in the past now, may as well keep moving
  11. If i dont have to get up the next day, 8-10 hours, but usually 5-6 hours if i have to be up early life sucks
  12. Id say the benefits i get from them are: Feeling more awake Skin isnt red and inflamed Hair looks shinier (????) Its good to take a hot shower or bath just before bed because of how quickly your body temperature drops when getting out of the shower, and the cooler your body temperature, the easier it is to fall asleep.. learnt this from my Psych teacher aha
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