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  1. Some people just cannot handle rejection. And I’ve always found it’s those who didn’t get a lot of practice in life. (Everyone says yes to them and their parents give them everything they want and more) only time this has ever truely upset me was when a guy a was friends with asked me out and I said I’d rather stay friends and he launched into a rant about what even was the point of our friendship if it wasn’t going to get him laid. Did I mention everyone I’m close with knows I am Demi ace? Dating me probably wasn’t gonna get you f-ing laid anyway buddy! yeah hurts to know your whole relationship with someone was fake from the start.
  2. I just took a dna test turns out I think I can just stay home
  3. I worked for the dorm at my university. It is still my fav job of those I’ve had
  4. Congrazzles ✨✨✨✨✨
  5. Circus peanuts. They are not peanut flavored. They taste like diabetes feels
  6. Oh you’re fine. I know how that is. ^^;; I too am a bad drinker too. Always cry so I stay sober at parties. Oof
  7. I don’t like dating reads to me like “I don’t like making friends” you should look at both the same way. The point is supposed to get to know a person? If you just want to bang then there are lots of people happy to help out for a very reasonable price
  8. You okay? If you ever need to vent feel free to reach out to me
  9. Haunt makes me think of corpse bride, maybe somewhere we all have a soulmate hiding under a tree just waiting for us to practice our vows
  10. Yes it’s so relaxing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  11. 1) Everyone’s basic needs met . Food water shelter. Having that would ease so much anxiety for me 2)free genie, I always wanted to free genie 3) freed genie be my friend? That’s more of a request than a wish I don’t trust my coding skills enough to reprogram every single thing. Lol. I feel like it would end like when they introduced mongooses to get rid of snakes and then other animals to get rid of the mongooses until they had one big horrible new ecosystem. plus most genie wishes have a twist. So ability to program everything but it probably effects everyone but you. So if you changed gravity you’d still be stuck on the old rules. Or …..you become the new genie which seems most likely. Bound to only code based on people’s petty wishes
  12. Received. Thank god for autocorrect
  13. My cousins wedding and handing out sanitizer this Halloween in my plague doctor costume
  14. I love this movie I need to draw them sometime
  15. My most recent dream was intense and I was shocked at the plot because it had one?! Kinda made me feel like I was living someone else’s life in a fantasy dimension. I lived in the future and was taking a trip to another planet. It seemed like earth and them had recently become in touch so think Star Trek first contact but this is probably like 20 contact by now. They are starting to visit earth and vice versa. I got off the ship and got situated and was looking for like a hostel or something to spend the night in. I wasn’t planning on staying long it just so happened you could like make a stop there if you wanted like on a cruise and I figured why not? I remember the main destination was gonna be my cousins wedding somehow? anyway I’m exploring the town on this planet and it’s pretty neat. Very alien meets bazar from Indiana Jones. And I see this big building that looks important so I head for it cause irl I’m kind of a lore history seeker on vacay and official looking buildings unusually have a lore dump of some kind. Especially in port towns. So I go in there and sure enough it’s got some tourist lore spots so you can read about the planet and this part of it’s culture (at least the squeaky clean tourist friendly version) and this place rocks it’s got these good stained glass windows and this whole cathedral vibe. So as I’m wondering around in there slack jaw ogling the windows I bump into someone. And it’s like some dude with white hair and I think he’s one of the planet’s original residents. and I go oh sorry I bumped into you. And he starts crying. But not normal crying. Tears are gushing down his cheeks but he’s just staring at me kinda confused. And I realize I’m crying too. And our tears are really sparkly and they flow together and turn into this glowing thing. And the glowing thing becomes a really intense looking rock. So I bend down to pick it up and the white haired guy gets really mad and snatches it, then storms off. And I think hmm that’s weird so I go and actually get a place to sleep and order dinner and right as I’m about to get my food all these police types show up and are like, you gotta come with us 😠 and I’m like oh s***t what did I do so I go with them. And they take me in front of a bunch of ….idk kinda looks like the council of ricks type of thing and one of them holds up that rock and goes we’ve never seen this come from a human before and I wake up. bro I wanna go back to that dream! What was gonna happen? What is the rock? at least when books end I can wait for a sequel. I’m heartbroken at this cliffhanger!
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