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  1. It was me and it wasn’t a conspiracy. I linked actual evidence that a certain popular business man has some serious ethical issues they need to address in their current business assets. I can dm you about it if you want to talk about it. But I like talking to sweet people here so I’m not going to continue discussion in public. If something like that is deemed an extreme conspiracy then I don’t think talking about actual extreme conspiracies is appropriate. At the very least not worth the risk of opening discussion. Harmless discourse for fun can be mistaken for actual belief via Poe’s law. Op seems fun and genuine and I’d like to keep them around here. but if op wants to look them up for fun search wedigoon on YouTube. He has a safe iceberg series that doesn’t plunge you into unsafe YouTube rabbit holes. It’s spoken about from an unbiased for fun perspective.
  2. 1) Everyone’s basic needs met . Food water shelter. Having that would ease so much anxiety for me 2)free genie, I always wanted to free genie 3) freed genie be my friend? That’s more of a request than a wish I don’t trust my coding skills enough to reprogram every single thing. Lol. I feel like it would end like when they introduced mongooses to get rid of snakes and then other animals to get rid of the mongooses until they had one big horrible new ecosystem. plus most genie wishes have a twist. So ability to program everything but it probably effects everyone but you. So if you changed gravity you’d still be stuck on the old rules. Or …..you become the new genie which seems most likely. Bound to only code based on people’s petty wishes
  3. …class in high school? who here was a theater nerd? Did you take that as an elective back in the day? Or did you skip it and just try out for plays? Maybe you just listen to musicals now? Or maybe that isn’t your scene entirely. let’s discuss drama below ^_^ is it fun or does a room full of extroverts make you run for the hills?
  4. i do not own this mug but it’s a dream to one day have one without feeling guilty about it. They are vintage and like $100 nowadays. If I was a rich YouTuber you wouldn’t see me buying lambo’s or mansions. Just vintage toys. And probably too much resin mix and glitter
  5. I really like the wildflower fire fairy vibes
  6. Received. Thank god for autocorrect
  7. My cousins wedding and handing out sanitizer this Halloween in my plague doctor costume
  8. I love this movie I need to draw them sometime
  9. What are some signs things are gonna go well for the long haul? my mom is doing her thing where she says she doesn’t think my partner is as serious as I am. But idk if she legit sees something wrong or if it’s just sabotage because she can go either way. It is starting to get in my head though. My partner is mainly fine. I seldom have to worry about anything emotional wise. He’s honest, communicates well and never have to worry about any loyalty issues. His only issue I can see is maintaining a steady job. maybe if I have some more perspectives I can figure out if I need to actually worry or not. what are your red flags? And what are your green lights?
  10. That’s adorable, I wish I could paint those effects
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