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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CK64ZbTrkytqukrSvaQkDber2dG446XvPTD6hg0/?utm_medium=copy_link
  2. Ni no Kuni just cause it has one of the longest campaigns ever then probably Pokémon cause I grind for perfect Evs and play the online Minecraft cause I’m addicted to digging in it and then probably whatever flavor of the week my fiancé has me play with them. Right now it’s all quake and Diablo.
  3. Mmm I think I might have hit a manic patch cause I decided to rearrange my room but that required taking everything off the shelves and now it looks like a war zone. Lol
  4. That’s weird? It would make more sense to do a doc on both of them for that whole “you decide” angle. Would let them off the hook lawsuit wise. I miss when discovery was about science and aliens
  5. But James, how will you touch all the cool rocks without traveling? come on you wanna touch the cool probably cursed Mexican cave crystal!
  6. 70 million. Less damage to the sacred timeline that way
  7. Generally if I like the smell I like the food. I haven’t found something yet that I like the smell of but not the taste. But I’ve found the opposite. Like some cheese smells t*rrible but it tastes pretty great ❤️🧡💚
  8. Maybe everyone got compatible? I did too XD
  9. I’m not surprised, Someone can explain to me in detail how they plan to come to my house to **** and m**der me, or post ch*ld **** or a literal video of them skinning a live animal and it’s not against fb tos (these are all real things I reported) but I’ve been temp suspended for literally saying “you’re being a weenie right now” to a white guy holding a fish. Light teacherly scolding is pretty much considered their highest offense. At this point I just assume Facebook is alt right. It’s why I deleted my account. I can’t take the anti-vaxx and the capital riot are heros talk anymore. id heavily recommend leaving that platform in favor of others.
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