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  1. "I'll just get a little high" -Towelie circa 2000.
  2. recently started speedrunning initial d street stage again, beat my personal best too!

    I think I'll sit on this time for a bit longer, I feel like I can beat it by a few seconds if i try hard enough, maybe.


  3. watched all the friday movies and only went 20$ in debt to my dealer this time
  4. my parents dont understand crypto and how i make money off of it, they still think im doing i**egal s***t even though i manage to keep a higher credit score than both of them combined, have a loan for a car that i haven't missed a single payment for yet. it s*cks because i cant really explain what i do to get it because "i leave my computer on running a program and it generates the money" isn't a good answer and they think the only things computers can do are send emails and browse facebook. i dont even make that much to give them any of it since i have a loan and other personal subscriptions i already share with them (netflix, disney+ amazon prime) its just cringe
  5. it was either i get it and keep working or I don't and apply for unemployment.
  6. letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
  7. i love tears for fears, threw in my whole mix that i listen to
  8. Initial D is why I'm down 50k in debt by the age of 18... really good anime! I'd recommend watching it if you're into eurobeat and or cars! has allot of parts, movies and games too.
  9. my entire dox and then a "jk i know thats not you" at the end twice
  10. Hello! my name is Alex and I edit video's and make/render 3D models!
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