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  1. Don't force it and don't be needy, is the best advice I have. I spent my teenage years as an obsequious clown trying to please and charm everyone. People could sense it and stayed away. Once I got more self-confident I was able to meet and maintain friendships with people who shared my interests. And everyone is different. Some people want to hang out all the time and text and such. Other people are more solitary, and they like to be social only once a week. If a group is regularly and deliberately excluding you, they're probably trying to let you down easy. Maybe search out a new group? That depends on a lot of factors, of course.
  2. Equal punishment for false accusations should absolutely be a thing. People get off scot-free with ruining other people's lives. It's insane. I hope that some honest people speak out on your behalf. You deserve exoneration from this social conviction in the court of public opinion.
  3. Harriet Wheeler, the mysterious lead singer and songwriter of the underrated band The Sundays. British g*rls with round faces and goth bangs are hard to resist. Amazing musician too.
  4. Really good stuff, man. Dark and direct. That title alone hits hard. I love the New Wave drums with the stark piano and close-miked vocals.
  5. I have a bad habit of listening to sad music a little too much when I'm feeling depressed. Sometimes it helps, but often I find I'm just wallowing in the sadness. Because of that, I've started making myself listen to songs that break the spell and make me actually feel better. I'm hoping that you all will have some good picks. Here's some of mine: A Lanky Swede. - Yellow Lights A really pretty song written as from a parent to a ch*ld. Really comforting to hear that sort of unconditional love. Sky Sailing - A Little Opera Goes A Long Way A song about caring, about long-distance friendships and how important they can be. We all want to have a friend who will be there for us no matter what, and we all want to be that friend for them too. Alexi Murdoch - Song For You A direct message of encouragement that makes even the worst problems feel small and conquerable. I have more but I don't want to make anyone listen to an hour of music at once lol. Can't wait to hear your choices!
  6. Haven't played much since Double Dash!! but Toad and Toadette are my besties on the track.
  7. Thanks for being so friendly, everyone! Healthy communities are hard to come by.
  8. I've been reading a lovely, sweeping historical novel called Prairie by Anna Lee Waldo. It's a really obscure book, which is sad and kind of strange considering Waldo's earlier book Sacajawea (obviously historical as well) was a huge bestseller. It tells the true story of Wild West legend Charles Burton Irwin and his family. Really fascinating stuff and a great mix of adventure amd romance, offering an accurate look back at an exciting period of the recent past.
  9. If the information is germane to the situation at hand, then yes. Intentionally omitting information that would allow someone to operate under a false assumption is exactly the same as directly implanting a false idea in the same person's head. Of course, omitting pointless or superfluous information is som*thing we do all the time, so as not to waste time. But a lie by omission is a specific scenario, and lying of any kind means I won't give someone the time of day. Honesty might be the most admirable trait a person can have.
  10. I'm a bit of a hobbyist here. I like war and grand strategy games on a board. A meeting of the minds. I'd have trouble picking a favorite. Maybe Risk: LOTR Trilogy Edition, as it's a decent game that I can usually talk non-gamers into sitting down and playing. If I have some fellow nerds, an in-depth historical sim like The Struggle of Nations is very enjoyable. As far as mainstream games go, my wide vocabulary makes Scrabble very pleasurable as I often win lol
  11. It varies for me. I'll have a period where all I do is hang out online. Then I'll have a period where I don't touch my phone or computer for days. I've oscillated like this for years now. I do wish I spent more time with my hobbies; when I get online, I tend to waste a lot of time doing nothing important.
  12. Get a book published. (Probably my biggest.) Travel outside the USA. Become a father. (Difficult as I'm not sure I can handle getting married. Lot of personal trauma surrounding that institution.) Attend a masquerade ball.
  13. Books. They're perfect to collect, for four reasons: 1. I love reading, so they're functional. 2. They also look very comely lined up on a shelf. 3. Several of the books I have are valuable, so they're good investment. 4. They're fun to look after, if that makes sense. Maintaining humidity, protecting the jackets with mylar, dusting, rotating, etc. The perfect amount of fiddliness. I also have a decent collection of older PC games, though my interest in that has waned a bit. I also have a lot of beer glasses, but I don't really drink beer anymore, so they might go here soon.
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