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  1. My dad is okay. But I know he isn’t dependable. As for my mom, that was a whole different level. She died when I was 12 but I can honestly say that she was not a good mother.
  2. Sitting on the couch, enjoying a break from my sons ABA therapy.
  3. If you feel like this will help you, then do it. Make sure you find yourself first and focus on you. Find the things that make you happy. We all have our flaws but in the end, our bodies turn to dust anyway. ♥️
  4. Just woke up, laying in bed and trying to decide if I actually want to get out the bed yet lol. My son is still asleep so I could get another hour of sleep if I wanted.
  5. I have a license and a car. I live out in the country so I pretty much can’t go without.
  6. I was shy and quiet. My mom died when I was 12 and we moved from Louisiana to Virginia soon after. I had friends but I have always been shy in a crowd.
  7. I think people should decide for themselves. I have not gotten the vaccine and don’t plan on it. Mainly because you can still carry and get COVID even if you are vaccinated.
  8. I’m at home, getting ready to head to bed.
  9. I have raised mine to form their own opinions. I’ve always been very open minded.
  10. Absolutely! The truth might hurt but at least it’s the truth. A lie would be far worse.
  11. It’s just almost impossible to stay in a relationship when the people were from different countries, without marrying them. Basically you can only visit for up to 6 months.
  12. I think it would depend on how long they have been separated, like if they were actually going through a divorce. Than maybe. If they were just separated, then definitely no.
  13. I have, twice. They weren’t mail order but I met them both on the internet. One was in Australia and the other was in Wales. I’d never do it again.
  14. Yes, only once. I was doing 75 in a 60 but he dropped it to 70. My best friends sister was having her baby at 22 weeks and we were trying to make it to the hospital.
  15. I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 126 seconds  
  16. Staying in. I’m a total home body. I do all my shopping online as well. I’m just not a people person.
  17. Patch Adams. He will always be a legend. I truly cried when he passed away.
  18. I can understand both sides, it’s taking away someone’s rights and it’s for the safety of our ch*ldren. With my son being autistic, he can’t wear a mask. He doesn’t understand and won’t keep one on.
  19. I still have a death wish on someone to this day. What this person has done to me is unforgivable. It’s a woman that is pure evil. I really don’t want to go into detail but it has to do with my two older k*ids.
  20. I just completed this quiz. My Score 90/100 My Time 186 seconds  
  21. I’m not big on cats, I like them but I prefer dogs.
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