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  1. I’d post it on this forum! Lol! 😂
  2. I love steam, simple to use and millions of games.
  3. Yeah I was laughing when I quoted you. I completely stopped strolling through the forums and cracked up. Totally som*thing I would say lol
  4. I feel a**acked for making my discord help post lmao!
  5. Agreed! I couldn’t find the right way to say what I meant. I guess what I mean is I don’t understand how people are happy working different shifts or never seeing each other or seeing each other for like a couple of hours a day. Maybe that clears it up a bit better.
  6. In a relationship, do you want your personal space or do you want to spend all your time with them? For me, I love spending my time with them. Living and working in the same environment. I’m not talking about being in their face constantly. More of being with them all the time. Does that even make sense? Lol.
  7. Looks wise; his eyes and hair! What can I say, he’s really good looking! Personality wise; his sense of humor, he’s blunt and honest, he doesn’t back down, and he connects with us.
  8. Basically I just make sure I everything I need and lock the door.
  9. When I’m feeling down, I like to go for a drive. I live in the country so driving down back roads is really refreshing. I also like playing with my son, listening to music, playing video games or just taking a hot bath. I’m not much of a people person, so I don’t really confide in anyone. My dogs also cheer me up because both of them are total goofballs.
  10. I’m a dog person. I don’t mind cats but I would definitely pick a dog over one. I have two dogs, a lab husky mix and a lab Rottweiler mix. They are both big babies.



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