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  1. I think most people are rooting for him. But I don't trust Discovery + one bit tbh
  2. So I read that Discovery Plus are planning a documentary about Depp and the allegations Amber Heard made about him. h**l no. We all know what one sided bulls***tters Discovery are, we know they are going to rip Depp apart despite so many inconsistencies in Amber's allegations. These companies should not be allowed to pull these stunts
  3. Pretty much anything that involves chocolate πŸ˜† it's my weakness!
  4. What do you eat most often in the mornings... A) Cereals B) Toast/Pastries C) Fruit D) Yoghurts E) Other (please comment) For me, my answer is A. I love a bowl of cereal then a coffee β˜•
  5. Fired once. I was 16, working after school at a store. Manager kept moaning that I looked bored and not passionate about my role. I was like, "well yeah, I'm bored stiff in your s***tty shop" lol
  6. Most important things in my life: -health -my relationships/family -working on personal goals and achievements -time to immerse myself in my passions and hobbies
  7. Nah, I've never been involved in a physical fight. A few arguments and dramatics, nothing that got too heated.
  8. Have any of you read much true crime books, and if you have, what one do you recommend the most? I wanna add more to my reading list
  9. Rudest was prob Corey Feldman (from Goonies and The Burbs) ..... seemed really up himself and was a bit rude/arrogant
  10. Aaaaaand I have a new favourite 😍
  11. My Onision forum looks like this, but I can't read the topic titles or anything... is there a way I can change my colour settings/appearance
  12. It's just all shades of sad that people are trying to deny who they are. It's 2021. Something is wrong if people are still scared to accept who they are. This world is messed up.
  13. There aren't even as many Anti-os on social media as they'd have you believe. So many of them run several troll accounts, it's so obvious. There's like, 4 haters continuously posting under various accounts. T w a t s
  14. I've always kinda imagined that's what H E L L might be like in the afterlife - having to relive the pain you caused others.
  15. You have truth on your side Onision. They have their theories and online detective nonsense. Keep strong. Keep fighting.
  16. It's actually number 1 on my bucket list. I really want to go to Japan.
  17. Onision is gorgeous 😍 I haven't joined OnlyF though. Did you sign up in the end?
  18. Have a coffee & cake, & a good chat
  19. Amber Heard is all shades of vile. There's like actual evidence of her abusing him yet she's still working and Johnny's lost work. How messed up is that.
  20. I avoid lying as it usually stirs up more drama and complications, plus it doesn't sit comfortably with me. Might sound dull but usually honesty is always the best route, unless you are just telling a small lie to avoid offending someone or hurting their feelings
  21. Johnny Depp πŸ˜†πŸ€£
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