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  1. Will do this soon as possible 👍🏻
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 45/100 My Time 153 seconds  
  3. I feel sad now... Wish dint take test. I'm not horrible 😅😔
  4. So weird that it get taken down all your videos. People can call you names stuff like that in my comment section... Tiktok doesn't sh*t about it! I did report few comments for bullying and tiktok belike noo not against the guidelines (Have a filter on now so I have approve comments with particular words) @Onision know your a good person, know that you have your community that supports you. We will always be here! I hope you feel a lot better soon! Alot hugs for you!
  5. Nobody because if person i h**e get d*eath just easy way out. So no I just want them suffer for the things they did.
  6. In your relationship? _______________ If I get that question I always say, trust and getting love, but if I think about it. Its alot more... I just wanted get treated like a princess and having love. I always do things I want to get to. Like, giving breakfast in bed. I do that because I really love to get that! I always say "do things in relationship what you want to." So the chance is more that the person give it to you because he, she, they liked you gave/did that to/for them.
  7. What dreams have you given up on?
  8. What worries you the most about your future?
  9. Are there any tox*c relationships in your life that need to be dealt with?
  10. When are you the most stressed out and what is the cause?
  11. What would you do if fear was not a factor and you could not fail?
  12. Do you feel like you've lived this same day many times before?
  13. cool.dus.niet

    Emo Charlie GIF

    Emo charlie my favorite!
  14. Red color 6.66 is my favorite color. Or the red black hair, but idk of i like my short of long hair what do you guys think? Lol I had a picture from you like this on my wall.
  15. Thanks couldn't fijd englisch version.
  16. In the Netherlands because Marengo proces.... Its al over news now. Its about Peter R de vries.
  17. it was only relationship that wasn't tox*c....
  18. I forgot when I made this dates for other countries are different My bday is 10th December
  19. just meeting each other. But at end of the dream we kissed and he still had his girlfriend in my dream. Does this mean I have feeling for him? He was my first love



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