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  1. here now 23:37 I'm from the netherlands time for me 2 to sleep
  2. Thank you!! I'm playing sims now!
  3. Wait i'm a IMMORTAL now do I count? haha
  4. your dog sounds cute what is her/his name??
  5. your welcome! I have fun making them, only I always forget react to them because It is easy make one but reading everything and react is something I need to learn I will learn, I do my best make this good and fun place for everyone!
  6. i'm so happy!!!! Love this forum site help me a lot with things. I can just post everything I need to post about my life. Love how people are, thanks for this time!! I can get my head to rest before I go to sleep. Can spent time with people that are nice to me and others, every one has respect for each other I love that about this site! Guy I love you all!! I will make a lot more topic's Yes ofc I'm being relax all about Onision reacting on me, but never forget I will be and I'm always be a Onision fan! the thing I want to have is a shirt with the text '' Onision fan since 2011 '' ofc I have list Where i'm proud off. thanks for everything do what you do stay doing it because your now only give me this feeling be proud about my self, but you give to alot of other people thanks! My Onsion attachments -got 2 free steam codes -having good advice about my sleep habit -added my favorite emotie on here -Gave me a good feeling when I needed it, on the forum. -made my day on this forum site few times -Checking out my profile few times (4 times) on the forum site -Few topics of mine being shared on twitter or youtube - I was 3 times in a live stream on youtube etc. - liked my onision video on tiktok - onision following me on tiktok!!
  7. True that. In the Netherlands they have a show steenrijk, straat arm. (rich street poor) A poor family switch with a rich family see if money make happiness. Most of time they say "money make alot of things easy" its a good show but idk if you there is show like that in English
  8. What is your opinion about it? I know few people that stopped because of the stupid thin goals they had to get with there body.
  9. What is your instagram? Will be fun to follow each other Mine: https://www.instagram.com/cool.dus.niet/
  10. Do you have pic somewhere? Im curious
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