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  1. Just me. Thank god....people s*ck....🤷🏼‍♀ Well I mean that and a dog, 3 huge fish tanks of fish, and a crested gecko too
  2. That my friend is pretty dope. I'd def look into that if it were me. But I'm also oddly strange and dig that kind of weird stuff 🤷🏼‍♀
  3. That would be the Neely mansion right? White River Valley (now known as Kent)?
  4. Where does everyone live? I'm in Charlotte North Carolina in USA
  5. Well thats a good one too 😂 seems like i have rubbed u the wrong way so im just gonna say have a good night now.
  6. I agree. Your story is mine in the opposite form for sure. Like I said though, I wasn't trying to come off as disrespectful or s***tty in anyway. Just trying to relate I suppose. Sorry.... My favorite quote tho is "Si vis pacem, para bellum" If you want peace, prepare for War.
  7. No I def do not blow my money. I cannot stand the feeling of if som*thing unexpected came up or happened that I wouldn't have the money to handle whatever it is appropriately. I need that security for my own well being
  8. Agreed. Def goes into the whole trustworthy area for me. I need someone who will take up For me even when I'm not around.
  9. Can we just agree that there are s***tty People in all genders? I don't like the negative vibe that it feels like this may head? I don't wanna argue By no means. Obviously your trauma has been made public and I truly h**e that for you. But trust me, my trauma is pretty F'N serious as well. Mine by a man of course. Don't want to lessen either of our experiences by no means anD debate it. I'm just saying s***tty people exist more so than good ones. It s*cks of course and PTSD from those people make living a "normal" anxiety free impossible. So truce? Share Gif: https://media.tenor.com/images/936c0ef3cd070cd2d522ae2ed4a0c10f/tenor.gif
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