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  1. I’ve been told I look like Kate Winslet 🖤
  2. Taking a nice long relaxing shower 🖤 then after I’m done I put on a movie or whatever show I’m watching and just chill ☺️
  3. On PlayStation it’s the Umbrella logo and on Switch it’s Ganondorf
  4. Whenever I’m down I put on my headphones and write in my journal ( it has tacos on it 🌮) my cats always know when I’m down and want extra love and attention 🖤 or another thing I do is watch a comfort show or movie.
  5. I love heavy metal and this band always makes me feel better
  6. People like that are down right cruel and saying your t*rrible and saying to end yourself... not cool there’s a special place in h**l for all the haters like that. Plus having someone **** you or force themselves on you.. my heart breaks for you O... I really honestly wish the world see you for who you are and not what trolls say at least you have a safe community here that will always have your back and support.
  7. Lack of sleep and unfortunately my job but I always try to push through it.
  8. Awww sweetheart 🖤🖤 making my night a 100x better 😘 gotta say your beautiful inside and out darling 🖤
  9. I would gotta say I’ve always loved my eyes 🖤
  10. I was on Facebook earlier and ran into a group of anti-Os and let me tell ya I felt like they ate glue or licked windows as a ch*ld 🤦‍♀️ they just kept bashing him over that garbage documentary. Some people wanna be sheep and just follow what they see instead of getting the solid evidence that shows he’s innocent. People simply amaze me 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  11. Another great video DP must like to spread false crap and slander a name when they can’t get their facts straight plus your commentary on it was spot on, that doc was garbage it’s like there was no solid evidence against you. Your real fans knew you was innocent this whole time and if people wanna still talk then clearly they don’t know the real facts and the real evidence (always a plus on saving Receipts )
  12. I’m so happy to hear this 🖤🖤 hoping things continue to be great for ya guys 🖤🖤
  13. Awww thank you sweetheart 🖤🖤
  14. I always knew you was innocent!! I think all the people that doubted him or dragged his name in the dirt need to post a video or som*thing to apologize. It wasn’t right or fair to Onision for getting accused of t*rrible things like that.. you always have us here on the forums that’s always believed you.



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