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  1. Playing old school retro games here lately I’ve been replaying Yoshi Island and Zelda ALtP 🖤
  2. Reason why I avoid dating I’ve gotten tired of getting my feelings hurt and just getting used or cheated. No one wants to stay loyal or solid anymore.
  3. I never have either and it’s like how do I give the grandma look xD all I wear is my everyday wear or work clothes 🥲🤷‍♀️
  4. I was like is dude serious I’m not even 36 yet 😅😅 plus I always wear my geeky or band tee and leggings how is that a grandma look xD
  5. This last one was like what the h**l 🤨 😅😅😅
  6. I’ve always been a fan of Y2J ( Chris Jericho) and of course the awesome Chyna 🖤🤘
  7. So stay away We've been down this road before Been barely holding on for so long It's safe to say I can't do this anymore I'm not the only one It's so wrong
  8. I know I haven’t been online much but a lot has happened but in a good sense I’ve been taking time to myself doing things I use to enjoy and another bit of good news I got a raise at work 🖤 hoping everyone has a good day 💕
  9. I’ve been told I look like Kate Winslet 🖤
  10. Taking a nice long relaxing shower 🖤 then after I’m done I put on a movie or whatever show I’m watching and just chill ☺️
  11. On PlayStation it’s the Umbrella logo and on Switch it’s Ganondorf
  12. I love heavy metal and this band always makes me feel better
  13. People like that are down right cruel and saying your t*rrible and saying to end yourself... not cool there’s a special place in h**l for all the haters like that. Plus having someone **** you or force themselves on you.. my heart breaks for you O... I really honestly wish the world see you for who you are and not what trolls say at least you have a safe community here that will always have your back and support.
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