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  1. Thanks for sharing. I get this way as well. I just don't feel like I fit in sometimes. As I having gotten older it doesn't matter as much to me so I think as we understand the symptoms of depression it gets a bit easier to deal with.
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 36/100 My Time 289 seconds  
  3. I believe what you put out into the world comes back to you ten fold. I can't count the times I have given a homeless person money and then I get a windfall. Positive energy and actions definitely come back to you!
  4. I believe that if the crime is atrocious and there is no question of guilt, as in the offender admits he is guilty, it is appropriate. Some of them want to d*e, and I think we should have more control over our death process in general but that's a different topic.
  5. Why are computer number key pads and phone number key pads upside opposite? I f$cks with me.
  6. Confidence, independence and a positive self image is hot. Especially when they get all vunerable and open. I melt. ❤
  7. Oh yes! I was recently involved in a road rage incident. A lady followed me home, pulled me out of my car and started screaming at me and shoving me around. I smelled alcohol and grabbed my phone to take a pic of her license plate. As I was behind her car, she threw it in reverse and hit me, knocking my phone out of my hands. It landed on her trunk and she took off. When the cops got there, I got my Life360 friend to look up were my phone was. They went to the address and there was my phone still on her trunk. She got charged with hit and run and dui. Karma
  8. I love all animals...cats, dogs, snakes, lizards, spiders etc. But I have a very large black cat that rules my world atm. Be kind and adopt ❤
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