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  3. I am also diagnosed with major depressice d*****r with psychotic symptoms, and borderline personality d*****r.
  4. I dont have any pictures that show all my hair. I have the same hairstyle for so many years, but i like it that way.
  5. Winter, i dont like hot weather, cant stand it.
  6. Introvert, i dont really have friends or need to have them
  7. I have depression and bpd, i was on antidepressants, sleeping pills, xanax and antipsychotics. It helped me in some ways, i felt less pain and have less thoughts. But on the other hand it made me feel complitly d**d and empty and my suicidal thoughts became even worse. I attempted s******e few times every time when i was on med*cations. Im still on antidepressants and antipsychotics but in smaller doses, i also started smoking weed, and im better now. Its ironic how antidepressants can make your suicidal thoughts worse, they were really bad even though i felt less pain it was like a need, its confusing, but i know its not always the case.
  8. 1 serious and 1 i woudnt call a relationship
  9. Thats s***tty, its hard to get new people on your chanel that way, there are still people who enjoy your videos but it would probably be much more motivating if new people come that are not spreading negativity. The whole situation is messed up and i cant think of good solution, but if you enjoy making videos make them, some people will enjoy them.
  10. I probably like flashy images the most, they are always interesting, witty and can be useful
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