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  1. Currently working on the boo-boo bus, long distance transport and my patient is sound asleep.
  2. I am a firefighter and EMT plus I’m going to paramedic school. I also am a mom and wife.
  3. Not particularly. I work 24 hour shifts where I drive half the time and provide patient care half the time. Even driving lights and sorbets doesn’t excite me anymore.
  4. I made an appointment that I’ve been putting off for years.
  5. Happy to be here. Hopefully I can participate more. Dang work and life getting in the way haha
  6. Honesty is the best policy so nothing comes back to bite you in the rear
  7. No, because I have a family. I need to have savings in case I can't work. Did nobody learn ANYTHING from this pandemic? Now, granted my husband and I work in a field where we got OT like there was no tomorrow but if we hadn't chosen our careers, we would never have been able to buy our home in the middle of a pandemic or buy a new vehicle or even keep food on our table. We even managed to pay off credit cards and student loans to where our only debt is our mortgage.
  8. I have a mortgage. Rent where I live for the space I need would be 2k ish. That's 4 bedroom/2 bath no land. Mortgage is WAYYYY less and we have the room we need plus more and a small tract of land.
  9. I call him honey or babe. He never really calls me pet names Used to call me baby.
  10. I got words of affirmation and acts of service followed by physical touch. For gifts I got 0%. I prefer a handwritten note over a trinket, or spending the day together.
  11. Roll over and go back to sleep. Tell him the wifi password and let him know to help himself to anything in my kitchen, just let me sleep haha.
  12. No. I am always the one cheated on. It hurts like h**l so i would not put that kind of pain on another human being.
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