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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 63/100 My Time 247 seconds  
  2. happily taken - were very committed! im actually getting on a plane here in 20 minutes to see him ^w^ i can't imagine myself looking for another relationship if we fall through.. i think our relationship is strong! i trust him a lot and think we can do it together
  3. i like to draw rabbits, furries, and splatoon characters! ive been trying to draw more recently, im gonna go draw rn while i wait for laundry to be done!
  4. im just chill here! 😜 there's barely any drama so dcr
  5. any commercial really- theyre generally invasive to what im trying to watch. I'm the UK they only have ads every 30 minutes! the most annoying of all time has to be for this MTV show- where paulie D and his friend pull pranks on eachother. just so infuriating for some reason
  6. congratulations! good luck to you and him on your relationship, wishing you two a long and fulfilling partnership! <3!!
  7. god, not good. having PTSD + arguing.. not a good emotional reaction from me! but im proud to say im working on taking a step away ^-^ it's all about staying level headed!
  8. i love the sound of birds chirping in the morning.. peace on earth
  9. i think it's called american Idol? the judges act.. embarrassing? maybe that's not the word, but theyre so rude and the people just eat it up. just.. why?? i get second hand embarrassment from unnecessary conflict. straight up bashing the contestants and laughing at them- when theyre suppose to be giving legitimate critique
  10. sonic underground- i tried watching it for nostalgia, but it made me realize some media is truly only for the ch*ld mind to enjoy
  11. i had subway- only so i could drink alcohol. i am dealing with a bad case of a****a, and idk what to do. talking about "what i ate" helps a little, bc i feel pressured into it. anyways, all I've had so far is half hallway sandwhich. 😛
  12. this is basic as h**l, as i grew up when cellphones were available when i was 10-14.. but monopoly was definitely the sh*t hahaha
  13. i think hellsing: ultimate is a good watch, if you don't get offended easily. what about you guys? i also think Jojo (JJBA) is good, but doesn't everyone say that? xD
  14. haahaaa, thanks for the advice, but i dont collect them for their value xD i collect because i like them! i truly plan on selling none of them, but i see your point!
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