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  1. I know it changed but since im more on the creator side of such things (due to my Job as a gamedesign artist) its still a mess with the sdk etc. They might polished the Front but they still run the same Code which is just old and has several Problems with newer Systems. ^^ so yeah but if anyone still has fun there go ahead! 🙂 its Not just for me anymore xD since i dont want to rage about the Code haha
  2. I loved second life for years on years but they didnt go with the time. Now im stuck with VRChat
  3. I life in a open dom/sub relationship we have several F+ in our friend circle and often have "game nights" which end in more often. We think Humans arent made for mono relationships but i guess you could call that also "Swinger" instead of F+
  4. Often people cant do anything against it. They can brush them as much they want they can be on every apointment on time for a checkup but they still get bad teath. Right now in medical there are several things that are just normal for some people. Then there is a huge number of misstreatment through dentists which then destroy the teeth YEARS later. I have seen so many who where mistreated because its easy to hide wrong fillings under a good top layer and then they slowly destroy themself from the inside and when you know it its to late... So as long as the person is still healthy and it doesnt impact them im not the one blaming them directly and would still also date someone and maybe help to find a way together if needed for help
  5. I had huge Migrane Problems till i noticed that i never had one while tripping on psylocibin and i knew through Research before that there where positive effects recorded. So i tried several months of microdosing with the Result that im now a year migrane free after my last microdose :D. Disclaimer I dont want to recommend it of course since its still a drug and has to undergo many steps of safe use etc and shouldnt be taken without knowledge and medical overview / Trip sitters etc
  6. Played some Risk of Rain 2 earlier :'D Now back to Rust
  7. We mostly stopped with energie Drinks and switched to Cola with more Caffein in it. So still somehow a energy drink :'D
  8. Yeah after those stuff everyone would have but still you stand here and still proud above those h**e and you wont give up and just "leave" and let the internet be internet 🙂 that takes alot of work and alot of courage to do. And you have to be strong to face this. And thats what i like about you. (besides the obvious videos which made me follow you in the first place duh)
  9. My Favorite thing is that he doesnt let himself beaten down by those false claims and haters. I mean what he went through is just insane and the h**e he encountered and still he stands here even if its now with a more "private" community. He still has his Fans who didnt let themself blind from this Witchhunt. I cant imagine how it is what he (or well you since you will read it haha) went through and still stand here. Others would have just dissapear for years or ever. Thanks for beeing still here 😄
  10. On Twitter someone wanted to "Proof" the claims with a Police Report which said that nothing was found / nothing happend and there is no case and there is nothing in any database which could lead to this direction xD I mean what did they try to proof with a Police Report which proofes exactly the opposite?
  11. I Stopped animal crossing for now xD till they give us brewster or som*thing xD Currently im totaly Rust addicted xD
  12. Im building in Rust and got a Music Player running in the Background with the Rust Soundtrack i just love it its so chilling 😄
  13. IF i drink (which is rarely) its Beer mixed with Energy (You get it here premixed) which is pretty delicious specially ice cold on a summer night. OR Tequila. xD
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