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  1. neekölodeon#2093 is my discord, add me if you want. Not coming back on the site. Peace ❤️🤙

  2. Please, think before you respond to my quotes. u.u

  3. That had nothing to do with what I had said at all, but alright lmao?? And mentioning my avatar is a poor example. If people just don't want to reveal their faces, they don't have to. It's a simple avatar. That's it. It's not withholding anything, it's just choosing a random *** photo from the internet and feeling comfortable. Yes, people withhold info anytime, but my previous point before was that doing so, could effect another's perspective on you and not trust you so much. Please, read my statement better, thanks.
  4. My brothers, I cannot see them for however many months, and no matter what our bond is still as close as ever. We do have our steeps every now and then, but we work it out better than my sister and I ever could. Or my mom and I. I love my family equally, but if I had to be in a room with them to tolerate them, it would be my brothers for sure. They say the funniest s***t.
  5. Yes. I was setting the two up, strangely it was my best friend and my ex boyfriend. So we were all at the movie theatres and I was supposed to leave after introducing the two and playing a few arcade games with them, but my friend bought my ticket, so I figured, why not, they were nice enough to pay for me. So I watched A Quiet Place with them, only to hear them making out and her tongue down his throat most of the movie. I had to text my other friend for a "Plan B", which they called me, and I apologized to the people in the theater and immediately left the theater room to answer the call -- the 'phone' friend saying they'll pick me up. I was happy for them, I just didn't want to hear the kissing noises.
  6. A number of things stress me out Having a panic ******, waking up from a ptsd nightmare, having an anxiety ******, asthma ******, knowing that If I don't get anywhere in my life I will be a nobody, a lot of things. But what matters the most, is keeping myself in a calm and collective headspace, because if I don't -- I will lose myself in the stress and pain.
  7. Looks like som*thing that would come from Independence Day or the Avengers universe lmao
  8. I'm coping. Thank you ❤️
  9. Kind of feel like a joke. And feel like quitting. On everything. Kind of been putting a smile on, faking my emotions to put everything behind me, even trying to cry for help, but no one really gives a damn. Im glad I had this opportunity to meet you. I'm just broken, and depressed. And I really needed someone, and I didn't have anyone. So goodbye.
  10. Wait, so if I wore goats on my shirt, people would automatically think I'm a Capricorn? That seems a little silly to me. If anything, I would think you just came from Mexico or Australia with a shirt like that, and ask where you got it. Star signs would NOT be on the top of my mind.
  11. Some of your statements I just can't agree with. Like the whole "I can't stand when g*rls try to tempt me" then don't flirt with them? Don't lead them on and give them that hint and then just shut them down. If guys don't like it when g*rls do it, then guys shouldn't do it either. It goes both ways.
  12. Yeah... It was very obvious because it was the usual "tumblr boi" photos and when I looked it up, it was the EXACT same photo and boy. And when I confronted him about it, he continued to lie about it, until a week later he came clean and showed his real face. I'm all for the personality so it didn't matter, but he did lie so it hurt me that he lied. He broke up with me, and I later found out he was cheating on me the entire time so lmao.
  13. i normally turn off all my social medias to avoid getting bullied, and now that it's happening again, it's very triggering.

    it's making me want to relapse.

    1. brittniisundae


      Please don't. Keep that survivor spirit up! ❤ people who bully other people are m*******e with themselves. They're truly awful. I'm so sorry this is happening to you. You are truly awesome. You always have my support, I'm here for you, friend. You're a 🌟. & you have all my hugs. 

  14. Some of the boosters in the Onision Discord are so disappointing, and I don't say that about people, normally. To call someone an "u**y ******" and "stupid libtard" over a stupid gif, because of another gif that wasn't even ******, is a little ridiculous. And the fact that this isn't being dealt with by the mods or anyone, is even more bizarre. Guess bullying is just allowed????? 

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