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  1. I honestly hate it. Was fine before I had brain surgery to fit a shunt; now I just worry I'll have some sort of episode. Took the joy out of it.
  2. My art account https://www.instagram.com/asn_artist 🖤✌🏻
  3. I have a few. Back, ribs, hips, stomach, a bunch on my legs. Here's an old shot of my back and one of my last tatt on my calf (of my kitty who dissappeared a few years ago). (would help if I added the other photo)
  4. I'm usually scared of spiders but that one is super cute 🥰
  5. My mum was taken into hospital last night and has been diagnosed with fluid on her lungs. Please send memes and things to take my mind of it all. Thanks in advance 🖤✌🏻
  6. I'm about a 3 😔 Super tired and stressed out, which gives me headaches. Listening to Kerrang radio to cheer myself up.
  7. I try to be as ohm as possible. Lots of mindfulness meditations and being kind to myself. 🙏🏻
  8. Weirdly the one thing I h**e about my face, my bum-chin. 😆 For some reason people think it's cute.
  9. I pass out if I strain too much because I have narrowed veins in my head causing high pressure spikes. Needless to say I try and avoid picking up heavy things. 😳
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