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  1. Season One and Two were awesome it's one of those shows that perpetually disappoints but always watch just in case it gets good again
  2. Groot is the greatest ever, And Baby Groot is the cutest ever
  3. I wasn't but I'm going to look that up it is something that really interests me, We have an underground well under sea motorway here it's been around since day dot I used to love friends visiting from the states as they delighted in it and roundabouts for some reason
  4. Sooo underground cities James mentioned Seattle has an "underground city" I know Edinburgh has Mary Kings close which is pretty cool does anyone have any more to add to the list,
  5. Well I'm happy for you but darn that made my whole soul cringe 🤢 but you know yay on the feeling better
  6. Candyman is great well worth a watch I'm looking forward for the remake feels like I've been waiting forever
  7. I really love the vintage radio shows you know like the ****** mystery things sad I know 😂😂
  8. I never have but my maternal grandmother did stupidly and it predicted my Uncles ***** ( I know it sounds crazy ) so it's a big no no in my home
  9. I'm a fan of vinyl it's just a good *****hood memory thing every Sunday night without fail Dad would put his records on he was so enthusiastic and really wanted to share it with us, And yes I own Blu-Rays I love movies and dont like to be to dependent on the internet as it can go down at times so like my books and movies back ups
  10. If you enjoyed the Conjuring 2 ITV ( uk television station ) did an awesome TV series on The Enfield haunting it had Timothy Spall as Maurice Gross it covers everything in the case and stays to the true story well worth looking up I do enjoy a good horror be it supernatural or slasher I think over the years though they scare me less and less recently watched The Host which did give me a few jump scares and with it being set in lockdown it did make it stand out
  11. The Devil saw me do it? If you're in the US I heard a rumour it would be being shown on HBO Max it's out here now yet to see it but heard good things Have you watched the Gotham series yet its canny, And I love the Joker movie I was unsure at first as like most I loved Ledgers Joker far too much but it was brilliantly done. And a totally different origin story but I liked it gave it such a real feel.
  12. What are your must see Movies and what are your favourite genres
  13. Friends are like stars you dont always see them but you know they are there
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