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  1. Omgomgomg so, it’s my dream to one day have my own cartoon (not sure on the age demographic I’d aim for yet) and I’m constantly drawing my original characters from stories I write n etc. I also love drawing nak*d ppl I’m just rlly good at it Zjdjf Some of my nak*d lady sketches hehe
  2. I relate. I love very deeply to the point where I’m vulnerable. I am scared to let my self love again yet casual se* isn’t fulfilling for me. I just feel incomplete, I wanna devote my self to someone and feel actual intimacy that is deeper than skin. I just want to feel protected and I don’t want to have to doubt my self constantly. I’ve only been in love once and I haven’t been able to love properly since. I knew him from the ages of 14 to 17 and now I’m 18 and am completely lost. I just dr*wn my thirst for human companionship in meaningless se* tbh anywaysusysysysys
  3. I started tattooing my self when I was 14 (I know it’s t*rrible SKSKDJF) so I have so much random s***t ,, I literally have “c*m” tattooed on me,, I turned 18 this year tho and was able to get a professional tat of bill cypher from gravity falls and a hello kitty dressed up as a fairy <33
  4. I can’t sleep unless I have my stuffed bear which I was given the day I was born
  5. Currently watching cartoons and painting while the sun slowly sets. Feelin pretty good tbh:)))
  6. Literally just give me attention !! Hi!! u-ur so swag
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