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  1. Do you differentiate between Immortal and Invincible? Like Elves are Immortal but they can be slain in battle. If I were Immortal and looked the age I do, sure let's run a few centuries and keep journals. With Immortality I get to see the colonization of space, the evolution of video games (can you imagine what the next levels are after vr?) Plus with Immortality I'd have the time to master all sorts of skillsets. Kungfu and aviation and archery... Learn every language... Sounds cool
  2. Reverse climate change Make food, shelter, education and medicine affordable for everybody Be able to speak to the land
  3. Fall of Troy The Blood Brothers The Used Dashboard Confessional Taking Back Sunday The Kills Crystal Castles (w Alice Glass) Darkest Hour Muse
  4. Final Fantasy Spirit Within and the live action Dragonball Z that came out like 15 years ago. Both were abysmal.
  5. I would be the Hubble telescope and look deep into space at nebula and galaxies and sh*t.
  6. There's a theory right now that Squall and Rinoa are siblings by Laguna and that FFVIII is an inc*st game. Huge comment threads of people arguing.
  7. I've never dated someone with k***s before. Not very appealing. And if you could smell that lady's funk and you didn't like it, you were probably mismatched anyway. When you smell a suitable mate your pheromones perk up and magnetize you to that person. I remember one of my exes coming back from a multi-pitch wall climb and he was rank. It was intox*cating. Tipping is crucial. I've worked in the service industry in one way or another for like a decade now. A lot of these jobs are run by d*ckbags who prefer a high turn-over rate so they never have to give raises, don't offer benefits, and f*ck with your hours. On top of that, most jobs demand you take the ab*se of entitled Karens and Chads looking to spend as little as possible. The Group-On people tend to be the worst. If you don't have the money to tip, then you can't afford to eat out. One city I worked in had a fb group dedicated to warning restaurants and bars about sh*tty customers. I tend to tip 20-30%, sometimes I'll buy the kitchen a round... Having a nice customer can really help a shift go by. Littering is cringe. Gotta apply the campsite rule everywhere you go: Leave No Trace.
  8. Deadwood Battlestar Galactica Tim and Eric Wonder Showzen Arrested Development
  9. Blood doesn't mean family. I'd say f*ck it and do my own thing. Make a picnic or som*thing
  10. Tequila, pineapple back. Was a bartender in New Orleans, met some insane people. It was a local bar and in a sketch part of the city. The regulars were casting execs, gangsters and gamblers. My favorite regular, Kermit, was a pimp. I worked the graveyard shift and sometimes he and I would pump money into the juke box and buy each other drinks. One time a customer was being a p*nis wrinkle, and Kermit offered to feed him to the gators. He wasn't kidding. Drinking has been around for centuries, its a part of cultures around the world. Some people should definitely refrain, but a lot of people can handle themselves.
  11. I hope it rains throughout the summer to stunt wildfire season. I'm in the West and smoke from Cali and Oregon came my way last year. I read an article that Biden is moving to pay all firefighters at least 15/hr this year. Couldn't believe such a dangerous job pays so little. They're heroes! 4th of July I'm headed to a lake in Northern Idaho, watch everybody set off fireworks from their docks and boats. How about you?
  12. I notice hygiene, manners, employment and if they gossip. A red flag would be someone talking over me or stiffing the server/bartender on a tip. It's also awkward fot me when I'm out with someone who insists on intruding on stranger's conversations, even if it's to joke around. The dates I prefer are walks around the city, so I notice if they litter-- absolute turn off.
  13. I'm doin all right, thank you. Summer storms rolling through the city, pastel sky. How are you doing?
  14. When I took the test in my 20s I got into Slytherin, but when I turned 30 I tested into Gryffindor. The test I'm talking about was about 100 questions discerning your personality. Grew up dressing up as Weasleys waiting for the midnight book releases. Order of the Phoenix is my favorite. The Epilogue is my least favorite. Haven't seen all the movies yet (couldn't get into the new Dumbledor-- Richard Harris was perfect but he passed away), but Prisoner of Azkaban is super awesome, Gary Oldman does such a fine job portraying my favorite character, Sirius Black. Not only was HP a great series, but it inspired so much awesome fan content.



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