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  1. Do you differentiate between Immortal and Invincible? Like Elves are Immortal but they can be slain in battle. If I were Immortal and looked the age I do, sure let's run a few centuries and keep journals. With Immortality I get to see the colonization of space, the evolution of video games (can you imagine what the next levels are after vr?) Plus with Immortality I'd have the time to master all sorts of skillsets. Kungfu and aviation and archery... Learn every language... Sounds cool
  2. Reverse climate change Make food, shelter, education and medicine affordable for everybody Be able to speak to the land
  3. Fall of Troy The Blood Brothers The Used Dashboard Confessional Taking Back Sunday The Kills Crystal Castles (w Alice Glass) Darkest Hour Muse
  4. Final Fantasy Spirit Within and the live action Dragonball Z that came out like 15 years ago. Both were abysmal.
  5. I would be the Hubble telescope and look deep into space at nebula and galaxies and sh*t.
  6. There's a theory right now that Squall and Rinoa are siblings by Laguna and that FFVIII is an inc*st game. Huge comment threads of people arguing.
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