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  1. My friend said he was at rave once and there were a bunch furries having an orgy lol
  2. I would ask them about it lol. I want to see it
  3. I love that song
  4. I don’t remember having any funny dreams but my friend told me the other day he had a dream that we were in a laundromat and some fat girl started taping him and he said I didn’t do anything
  5. I’m a concert promoter i Own a company with a friend of mine and we put on concerts but I’m also going to school I would like to work for a record company
  6. Why don’t you ask what there looking for do they want relationship or just date and not take it so serious
  7. I came out when I was 18 I’m bi ***ual female both my dad and step mom said I was going through a phase but they were OK with it. I have been in relationships with females and males. I’m currently not dating anyone
  8. I have my sisters initials who ***d in Japanese.
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