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  1. Just been watching tv and YouTube videos. I also had to go to the store to get a few things. I didn't feel like going but made myself lol. Then took a shower, made dinner, and now I'm about to watch more YouTube videos 😋
  2. Never. If I'm upset or mad at someone, I try not to argue back and walk away. I have raised my voice before but felt bad afterwards lol. I rarely argue with anyone anyway, unless it's someone online if they start messing with me, but even then I try not to say anything mean. I just have mean thoughts haha
  3. I guess so. I already know most of the people who would be on that list and I'm not interested in them, but I would like to see if there would actually be anyone I was interested in that would be on that list just in case. Doubtful though as in that's the way it's always been 😆
  4. Sounds boring. I wasn't interested in seeing it anyway. Also, that gif 😆
  5. It seems like there are a lot of horrible parents out there. I'm sorry that you and anyone else reading this had to deal with awful parents growing up. So yes, I believe having daddy issues is real thing in the sense that you have had a bad relationship with your father.
  6. 5. Woke up with a headache after only sleeping for 5 hours and laid in bed for another 2 hours trying to go back to sleep but couldn't, so I got up and ate lunch then watched a couple YouTube videos. Afterwards I tried to take a nap but still couldn't fall asleep but I can never take naps in general. Got up to go eat dinner at my dad and stepmom's house and now I'm at my job until 5 am. At least I'm allowed to sleep here if I need to lol
  7. I always thought your username was cool ever since you joined here 🙂 I've been wondering the meaning of it lol
  8. I'm not going through the exact same situation, but sometimes I feel like none of my friends want to hang out with me. Even when I became friends with people at places I used to work at, they would hang out with each other but never invite me along. Last week a friend I used to work with mentioned us seeing a movie, but then she went with someone else and I'm just like whatever. Maybe I just seem too shy or people don't think I'm fun to be around lol 🤷 Anyway, I would be your long time friend ❤️
  9. I have my dad's looks and my mom's personality. If you put a picture of me when I was little beside a picture of my dad when he was little, the resemblance would be uncanny lol
  10. Idk I already have the easiest job in the world lol. I guess if I could have any other job, I would want to rescue abandoned/hurt animals such as dogs or cats & help take care of them until they're better ❤️
  11. Mine was a 7. Went out to dinner and saw Halloween Kills afterwards. I give that movie an 8/10. However the theater I was in smelled like cigarette smoke and at one point during the movie, someone was throwing candy in the audience. One piece hit my sister on the head and then I heard candy hit the floor around us. So idk if the person was aiming at us for some reason or was just throwing them around the area we were sitting in, but it made me mad lol
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