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  1. Mine is Beware! The Flesh Eating Vampires I'd see it lol
  2. "I want to be cremated as it is my last hope for a smoking hot body."
  3. My milkshake brings all the time to the house. My weekend style is the best time to get to the house. I have a weakness for you. Today I will be there in a few minutes. When the sun goes down, I always get likes and comments. I wish to spend my weekend with you. Lol I love these
  4. Share some with me lol
  5. Yes one night I was laying in bed and my room started shaking. I think it lasted for 10 seconds. Just a small one can be scary. Also I think I heard one happening far away. I thought it was thunder at first but the rumbling sound lasted a little too long and my pets looked concerned. Nothing was shaking where I was so if it wasn't an earthquake, I don't know what it was.
  6. Same. They're alright but I don't care to eat one ever again. Yum 😋
  7. A lot of people seem to not like those, but I always have.
  8. I choose B. Which one would you take away?
  9. No 🤢 I'm not even sure how much money I would eat it for lol
  10. Well I feel that people can't change each other's minds most of the time, so it's kind of pointless to argue with them. I just let them have their opinion. It is important for both of us to be heard, but I usually don't say much if I disagree with someone because I don't want to start an argument.
  11. You're not selfish for doing that. I know it's hard, but you don't need to surround yourself with people like that. As for me, not really. I mean I stopped communicating with my best friend because she stopped communicating with me first. Also I have a cousin I never talk to or visit anymore because she's had problems with dru gs for years and we were close when we were ki ds. It's sad looking back at the way things used to be.
  12. Kaitlind


    Then you will enjoy this movie 🙂 Correct 😋 Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do! Yeah well everyone has their own opinions on things 😛 The people who left bad reviews were probably disappointed it didn't go the way they expected it to.
  13. Kaitlind


    I just got back from seeing Old and it was really good and crazy! It didn't have a big twist though but if you're thinking of seeing it, go see it. I definitely recommend it. If anyone else has already seen it, what did you think? No spoilers 😝
  14. Somebody said, "Lack of evidence doesn't mean innocence." Lmao. What do you think about that? It's like these people will find any excuse they can to not accept the truth.
  15. That feeling when you get in a nice, hot bath 😌
  16. I like to watch videos that make me laugh because laughing puts me in a better mood.
  17. "I'm the f***ing bomb." Yes you are This report proves your innocence and people who still can't see that are so lost in their own delusional world that they can't see the truth for what it is.
  18. I only went to college for 2 years after graduating high school. I got my Associate's degree in ch*ldhood education. After that job didn't work out, I took a month long class to be a CNA and worked in that field for 8 years.
  19. This dude's laugh is the best 😂 I laugh every time I watch this video and I hope it makes everyone else laugh too



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