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  1. Oh, do you want to learn how to drive someday or do you have a fear of driving?
  2. It's a new adult forum that has NSFW content, but seeing that content requires a subscription. Only immortals and elites on Discord will be able to see the content for free after filling out a form. It will just be a regular forum if you don't want to subscribe.
  3. Oh I'm sorry about that. I hope you will be able to drive again someday. Aww I'm sorry about that. Hopefully you never will.
  4. Yeah life can get busy. It's understandable. I'm glad you responded though! Hope all is well 🙂
  5. No I like driving in the rain too. Just as long as it's not pouring down and it's hard to see where I'm going lol
  6. Deal 😆 I'm sure listening to good music makes that job much better 🙂
  7. Lol hey, that would be fine with me. Today I went on a 2 hour road trip and chose to be the one driving 😁
  8. I really enjoy driving because I find it relaxing and I like listening to music while taking a long drive. Do you enjoy it? Why or why not?
  9. I'm addicted to anything with sugar like cake, ice cream, etc.
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