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  1. Just the way certain words are spelled. You know how you look at a word for a while and it starts to look weird?
  2. Yeah I would keep going broke after paying weekly rent in a studio apartment I lived in and my dad would keep telling me to get a second job, but I eventually moved out and built up money again.
  3. Why would he make it easy for everyone to talk to him when so many people accuse him of being som*thing he's not?
  4. Yeah I've been broke before. It's not fun and made me depressed.
  5. For me, I'll never use the last two.
  6. I don't eat there often, but when I do I get the black bean quesarito or the cheese quesadilla.
  7. Love them! I don't like that moment right before the drop, but after that it's fun. I always worry an accident will happen too but I think everyone worries about that.
  8. Summer. I can't stand freezing cold weather.
  9. I've talked to my neighbor who lives in the apartment across from me a few times and she's always nice and seems outgoing. She even said I could wash my clothes in her apartment because I don't have a washing machine, but I always go to my parents' house to do that
  10. I'm mostly patient. It just depends on the situation.
  11. I seem to only cry at Disney movies, like Fox & The Hound and at the end of Coco.
  12. Not necessarily because I'm not that type of person. I believe in karma though.
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