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  3. I would be homeless with my true love. What if you had to choose between never brushing your teeth again or never showering again?
  4. Hey there. I have a major problem that I have been struggling with for a long time. I have a ton of ambitions and creative ideas but I continuously just sit on them. Does anybody else have this problem? Where they just have practically zero motivation to actually start or finish any sort of goal or creative project? It's very frustrating and I have no idea what to do about this issue, It has become crippling. I'm a person that strongly believes in "mind over matter", but damn my brain is really b**ting me with this issue. I would like to hear if others have similar struggles and if you do what advice you have... Thanks.
  5. I got 60 with my real responses but then took it a second time picking the answers that I thought were the 'correct' ones and got a 70.
  6. There are things that work for me that are unproductive like sleeping excessively and then things that can help that are productive, like going for a jog or reading a book. Usually I find that the most effective things to do when I'm very sad or overthinking are the things that distract me from life the most. Things that are in the moment and require a lot of attention, so that I am no longer locked in on feeling bad or thinking negative thoughts.
  7. I would not be bothered unless they were sweaty/dirty and getting my furniture sweaty/dirty lol. I would be a little confused but, you do you man.
    She needs help but its become increasingly obvious that this woman is not going to be helped anytime soon in any significant or life-changing way. She is extremely kind hearted and has a c***d like innocence to her. I think she has a good heart but her mind is in such a dark place. Her eating d*****r seems to have affected her cognitive ability, and she does not produce very entertaining content. I'll be honest, if I ever watch her videos its mostly just to scroll through and get a look at if her body has changed in any negative or positive way. I hope that she can recover and live a long life, because she is such a sweet person. 😞
    Shane was never as funny as people made him out to be. I think he is fake and a fool. He's controversial AF and a backstabber.
    Shes entertaining, she doesn't seem to really censor herself, shes dramatic, all out there. Her over the top appearance compliments her over the top personality. Love her or h**e her, you can't deny shes posted some entertaining content.
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