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  1. Titanic when Jack died. First movie where I had an emotion after watching it. Since then, I’ve always cried over everything sad or sweet & sappy
  2. Focaccia bread decorated with just every vegetable that came to mind lol Focaccia bread decorated with just every vegetable that came to mind lol
  3. All the fricking time So I’ve been Atheist since I was 16, but I was raised conservative so my mom made me go to Andrews (an adventist university) and i was basically forced to go to chapel every phocking week or I’d be fined $100 per absence… I’d go, but play FPS/3PS games on my phone with the sound/mic on but not realizing it because the stage people were loud…. Anyway while I was gaming, some muslim guys were in the chat lobby hearing all the… christian nonsense.. When the prayer started, it got quiet while at max volume, the muslim dudes on the game were shouting “F you” + in battle, the gunshots were so loud that ppl in chapel heard it lmaoo I muted my phone so fast and turned red xD Also the countless times I stormed out of prayers because I was triggered when they prayed too heteronormative or flat out homophobic shìt and I’d just leap over ppl in the pews with my bookbag and dip to the vegetarian caf (one decent thing abt that place) This vegetarian link @Onisionput though… they served this exact brand too omg.
  4. The fact that I know all those bands except the last one lol Yeah I used to get flashbacks too and it was triggering to hear those songs anywhere like when I worked at chick fil a, they’d play those christian “rock” songs and it felt so cringey I grew up in one of those borderline cult-like traditional churches that said guitar was bad so I felt edgy listening to it until I started hating the whole scene altogether and went full metal Satanist lmao
  5. I drink lots of wine and cider. I also love tequila, rum, vodka, gin & whiskey; Not a big fan of the beer taste. At bars I usually get 1-3 margaritas with salt or 1 marg. & a spicy cider. I drink whatever is served at social events/occasions. For peaceful alone time, some Stella Rosa (original red) or Mike’s Hard Lemonade (black raspberry) does the trick. A little goes a really long way for me so 1 bottle is always plenty. Alcohol just feels right for me; and it tastes good. It soothes my tummy and calms my social anxiety. I don’t experience “hangovers” because of my genes, diet & lifestyle habits. It only takes 2 servings for me to get “s***tfaced” but I personally love that feeling of letting go and not caring what people think. I have my limits though and I just kinda listen to my gut feeling on how much/when to stop is when it’s stops being fun or if it feels wrong. I’ve always been fascinated with the wine tasting/brewing culture too. It’s kinda impressive.
  6. Why’d you skip me? @Onision
  7. Haiii ^_^ Yeah… I was busy doing this beautiful homework
  8. Thank you so much! This is my favorite thread now ^_^ I love your hair too. It looks so soft
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