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  1. I use metronet currently. It's $64.95/mo for the Fiber 1 gb package with unlimited bandwidth. Prior to this I was using Xfinity for years and they are absolutely horrendous, and they also have a cap you have to pay extra to avoid. So I vote comcast/xfinity for most s***t, unless I can go outside of the US. Then I say Rogers. lol
  2. I have 1/2 of a house left to pay off and 1/2 on my car. Besides those, no.
  3. Treatment-Resistent Depression(TRD), C-PTSD , Tourettic OCD, ADHD, Severe Anxiety, Agoraphobia, Idiopathic hypersomnia, Chronic Migraines(Chronic pain), Essential Tremor(neurological d*****r), all diagnosed via psychiatrists & my neurologist. I truly hope any and all of you find the help you need if you are struggling. 🖤
  4. Been married ❤ Been divorced ❤ Fell in love ❤ Skipped school ❤ Watched someone give birth ❤ Watched someone d*e ❤ Been to Canada ❤ Ridden in an ambulance Been to Hawaii ❤ Been to Europe ❤ Been to Las Vegas ❤ Been to Washington D.C Been to Texas ❤ Visited Florida ❤ Visited Mexico ❤ Seen the Grand Canyon in person ❤ Flown in a helicopter Been on a cruise ❤ Served on a jury Danced in the rain ❤ Been to California ❤ Been to New York ❤ Played in band/orchestra in School Sang in the school choir ❤ Sang karaoke ❤ Laughed so much you cried ❤ Caught a snowflake on your tongue ❤ Have c******n Had a pet(s) ❤ Been sledding on a big hill ❤ Been downhill skiing ❤ Been water skiing❤ Rode on a motorcycle Traveled to all 50 states Jumped out of a plane Been to a drive-in movie Rode an elephant Rode a Horse ❤ Been on TV ❤ Been in the newspaper ❤ Been on the radio Stayed in the hospital alone ❤ Donated blood ❤ Gotten a piercing Gotten a tattoo Driven a stick shift vehicle Been scuba diving Been snorkeling ❤ Lived on your own ❤ Rode in the back of a police car Got a speeding ticket Broken a bone Gotten stitches ❤ Traveled alone ❤ Driven over 120MPH
  5. No, for personal safety reasons too
  6. I needed a username to go by for neopets or Nickelodeon flash games, not sure which, this was back in 6th grade or so, so 18 years ago. I had no idea what to use, but I heard razzle in a movie recently and I liked the sound of it, and I threw dboy at the end of it. A short time went by when people started asking why I put boy in my name if I was female, so I changed it to razzledgirl to avoid that and I’ve used it since. fun fact young me pronounced it razz - led - girl, not razzled - girl. It’s razz led a girl on the internet, Sam. Two personalities so to speak. The nice thing is it’s never taken and if it is… it’s probably me forgetting
  7. My pinky fingers like to pop in and out and it drives me insane
  8. -Do you have a gaming console, and if so which one(s)? I play on PC. But I do have some other consoles. Nintendo 3DS, xbox 360, xbox one, ps4, all the gameboys. -Do you have a favorite game genre? I love shooters and co-op games. I mainly play COD right now. But I'm open to playing anything. -Do you like play alone or with others? I play with others usually, I feel too lonely when I'm alone. -Lets be steam/origin friends? Sure! Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/rosie15/ or code 37892581 Origin(multiple for apex legends): moistpoolnoodle (main), crustytoiletseat, razzledgirl, m01574mb1qu3h3r3 (has all the battlefields on it) Battle.net and activision if any of you lovely people play COD or diablo: Raz#11753 , Razzledgirl#9790230
  9. Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (Ted & Francis Remix) Gorillaz - 19-2000 (Soul***** Remix) The first one helped me through a lot 🙂 I loved the tropical vibes
  10. Hi, I'm Razz/Sam. I've been a fan for a rly long time. Just here to show my support. I play a lot of video games and I'm 30 and have two cats and a dog. Idfk what else to say



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