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  1. I h**e them so much lol. Like i don't understand how anyone can enjoy them?? It's literally terrifying, not fun at all
  2. Susanna from Girl Interrupted is who I relate to Maddie from Euphoria is who I'd like to be
  3. I've literally never talked to any of my neighbors, lol
  4. Besides anything even remotely sad, wedding/love scenes always get me I literally cried watching Riverdale today so clearly it doesn't take much
  5. I'm pretty neutral when it comes to dogs, I like smaller breeds only for the most part (except chihuahuas) but tbh dogs in general can be too obnoxious and annoying for me, I'd never personally own one. But i lived with a maltese for a year (my roommate's dog) and didn't really have any complaints (plus she was adorable)
  6. Freelance modeling is where its at I've been doing it for 7 years now
  7. This dude was SO problematic and I think he actually got arrested eventually for doing this but I honestly can't help myself from laughing when I see him
  8. Yeah i thought Flyleaf was so cool and I only found out a couple of weeks ago that Lacey condoned gay conversion therapy I also loved Superchick, TobyMac, Newsboys, and Family Force 5 lol (LOVED FF5 because it was christian rock while also being ~scene~ lol i think they went on warped tour once...anyway i saw then in concert once AT MY CHURCH ) War flashbacks bc it's scary to think how brainwashed I was back then
  9. Rewatching one of my faves rn, A Tale Of Two Sisters. Asian horror is consistently so good
  10. My favorite horror film! there's a ju on 2 as well I first watched it when i was very young as well, but probably the first one i ever remember watching was The Shining
  11. Samsung a71 5g- have had it for a few months, no complaints. Probably the best android I've ever had. Only complaint is the fingerprint sensor doesn't work on mine but that's trivial. The battery life is excellent and it runs very smoothly
  12. No I know that movie can be hard to watch but it's literally so beautifully tragic if you think about it. I would consider it a masterpiece. A chilling insight into addiction
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