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  1. Yeah. It s*cks seeing your prime slip away.
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 72/100 My Time 197 seconds  
  3. I've never had a license, I exclusively use uber/lyft and public transportation.
  4. I'm rereading the Scarlet Letter rn
  5. You have no idea how many times I've gotten tricked by people posting vids saying to click the sound and when I do it's som*thing x rated lmaooo
  6. Seeing as tiktok has literal p**n audios, I have no idea how they decide what does and doesn't get banned 😳
  7. I literally can't think of one con of being single 🀣 I don't like people in my space all the time lmaooo it's casual non-exclusive dating only for me
  8. I don't think there would be any benefits to that whatsoever tho πŸ˜‚ most people deal with the bad taste bc they like the effects
  9. Sierra


    Literally every woman I've ever dated has been thanks to tinder...it's hard out here for a femme woman who likes femme women 🀣 I don't trust guys on dating apps tho I get a lot of matches but queer women like to do this thing where they message like "omg you're so pretty πŸ₯°" and then lose the courage to keep messaging so it can be difficult to actually meet up
  10. 3- one of the circles I run with is in Europe rn and one of my hot insta mutuals who thirst followed me and one of my exes are vacationing together and that does not sit right with me lmaoooo I didn't know they were friends 😭 and my exes friend who I do not know who is also on the trip followed me yesterday so I'm praying it was coincidence and that my name did not come up in conversation
  11. It's a coping mechanism πŸ˜‚ also works as social lubricant for me, a person who definitely needs help talking to people when in public lmaooo
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