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  1. Its Just a glitch in the matrix. Ever thought maybe this life is just a computer simulation an just a concept in someone's mind. Shadows, hat man. All just a Glitch an maybe you are becoming self aware.
  2. Ps4 Assassians Creed. Waiting for Biomutant to come out
  3. I am a newbie 😌☺ 🤗 hey there everyone. Hopefully I can make some new friends here. 😁
  4. I have a tatoo I designed myself, I wanted to be original. Its a mixture of the Celtic knot and a rearing horse.
  5. Mortal kombat the new movie. The Wild Silent Place Silent hill
  6. Something that gets me is when someone only does something half way. Then someone else has to finish it.
  7. Y guys and girls? Y the separation we are all human. So y can't us humans all be freinds
  8. Y is thumb a strange word. No b sound and put a d instead of th and its dumb with a b sound
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