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  1. I would wear Pants as pants an another pair of pants as a shirt. Would you rather swim like aquaman or fly like superman
  2. Sunlight creeps in Cracks in the door I'll step outside When the world's sleeping
  3. Arrogant people with inflated egos. Those ones that make out they know it all.
  4. I want your opinion In my mind 😅
  5. Very excited regarding some interesting opportunities now
  6. I live in New Zealand. Earthquakes can be common. I Felt some big ones, unless stuff is falling out to the floor they aren't too scary. I know what you mean by the earthquake felt like a boat in the ocean. The way it goes up an down. I was in a hallway during a decent shake an you definitely see how the ground can move like that, it was like riding over huge waves in a storm.
  7. TV shows are just that. Shows made for TV aimed at getting the most views possible. If that means using this media in a way thats suits there narrative to get more views which means more money. They do it. It does not mean its true. Usually its just a storyline lead to look like som*thing happened, an then it let's the viewer assume the rest. Its unfortunate because it points the finger at innocent people to make dollars. Like was said earlier there was no one arrested. No charges made. Then no crime. So common sense really wins here. Onision is the real v****m here. Makes me Sad really. So unfair
  8. Am trying to get this done RN.
  9. Yes 👍 Rick an Morty and One Piece. Only if you can tho.
  10. Definitely the past. Maybe with knowledge of the future enough of us going back could make the future a better place to live.
  11. So sorry to hear about this. So unfair. Just have no words really. Just Why???
  12. Sad habit, clothes smell bad skin smells bad. Stains fingers, if smoking inside makes house smell bad. wastes money.
  13. Nope, if anything its all good just good fun. If it comes slighty true coincidence. The only magic is your money going into there wallet.
  14. I was born without fully formed hip joints. Supposedly I was not going to walk. But I defy doctors logic and I walk and run. Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.
  15. Yeah, cold showers nooooooooo and please no. I like to feel my toes and fingers
  16. Too True, now we are aware of this, what will happen next. Will we still exist in this plane or will we ascend an maybe become shadow people ourselves.
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