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  1. Sad habit, clothes smell bad skin smells bad. Stains fingers, if smoking inside makes house smell bad. wastes money.
  2. Nope, if anything its all good just good fun. If it comes slighty true coincidence. The only magic is your money going into there wallet.
  3. It lives in the Darkness, floating there above the bed. Ravenously it Feeds on your nightmares, while freezing your body to climb inside your head.
  4. I was born without fully formed hip joints. Supposedly I was not going to walk. But I defy doctors logic and I walk and run. Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.
  5. Yeah, cold showers nooooooooo and please no. I like to feel my toes and fingers
  6. Too True, now we are aware of this, what will happen next. Will we still exist in this plane or will we ascend an maybe become shadow people ourselves.
  7. Its Just a glitch in the matrix. Ever thought maybe this life is just a computer simulation an just a concept in someone's mind. Shadows, hat man. All just a Glitch an maybe you are becoming self aware.
  8. I am a newbie ☺ hey there everyone. Hopefully I can make some new friends here.
  9. Dave Chappell an Chris Rock
  10. I have a tatoo I designed myself, I wanted to be original. Its a mixture of the Celtic knot and a rearing horse.
  11. Mortal kombat the new movie. The Wild Silent Place Silent hill
  12. Something that gets me is when someone only does something half way. Then someone else has to finish it.
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