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  1. I've never been married and don't plan on it. Is that weird? Probably.
  2. Can I just have a mix ehh summer then. I have som*thing right now that I'm allergic to a certain degree of cold weather. It goes away within 10 years, so says my allergist. Just randomly hit me.
  3. If I struggle with som*thing and someone else is mastering it, I'm happy for them but it makes me feel envious sometimes. Because I'm unfortunately human, I have been jealous before in my relationships that were turning bad. I never talked about how certain things made me feel, or if I tried it was an excuse (even though I had the truth infront of me, yes I learned a lot of lessons) knowing that feeling, what I look forward to doing is have a truthful civil open discussion. That balance and equal effort ❤ ah, that's good stuff.
  4. Throughout my entire life. I would count 4 serious. The rest that didn't last 6 months were 3 other people.
  5. I love Rollercoasters. But I respect the people who don't want to ride on one with me. Send me on loops, I don't care.
  6. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. The boy in the striped pajamas. Infinity war. The green mile, broke back mountain, the pursuit of happyness...uh, dumbo....geez a lot now that I'm thinking...wow I am a cry baby...
  7. Once I start one movie, I can't stop. It's crazy. They're great.
  8. It's blowing up on Twitter I haven't been on YouTube yet so I may take a glance.
  9. Before the start of the new year, watch the show & take the quiz! Have fun & show off your results ❤ https://www.buzzfeed.com/angelicaamartinez/the-boys-amazon-personality-quiz Mine: (but I'm a Frenchie fan)
  10. Helena. I sing this song ofte.....alot. I sing it a lot. But it sounds very disney when I sing it. Sad disney.
  11. Trying to convince my extremely introverted amazing friend to go get fireworks with me this weekend. Because ❤ x a bazillion
  12. For a long time I kept myself going for others... I needed to learn to keep going for myself.. nothing will ever be perfect, the expectations won't slow down. I do what I can, look at what I have achieved no matter how small...and sometimes I just stop. Breathe. I try really hard not to overwhelm myself with both the thought of failing others and myself(it's not easy), if I get the sense that I have, it hurts. So I think about how I'd thread it all differently next time. From corrections, to a different path, or perspective. The realization that failure could be a foundation to success. My motivation kept in thought: "Failure is an opportunity"
  13. Nike too, or DC. But I also want to feel taller so sometimes I'll go with something with a heel or wedge sandals. ❤
  14. Recently I bought this small fidget cube. Yes, I enjoyed my light up spinner when I had it. This thing, to me, doesn't help at all. It has a button you can click and a thing that resembles an analog stick from controllers. I mean, I should just play a game. I'll stick to my worry stones for now.
  15. Hi Aly! ❤ Welcome. Enjoy your time here. It's a very kind environment. People are great here. BTW I'm sure you're no loser. What's it like in Alaska? Hope to see more of your posts! Hugs to you!
  16. I believe so too! ❤ When I worked retail, I could get this vibe about a person, so I'd ask them in a subtle, and always caring way, instead of the robotic "hi how are you ×then continue task×" I'd ask something like "So, how's your day been?" They would open up immediately. Some people would actually go into their life story. They needed to talk, to vent, to get anything off their chest. I'd often get repeated people coming through my line just to talk. & I didn't mind that at all, I wanted to connect with costumers, to be there for them, and they knew that.. they'd leave with something like "thank you so much for listening" or "I'll let you know how it goes next time" the only person who did was a very jealous supervisor. No matter what I did with this supervisor, she would always say something about my work. Even if my staple to papers were a little "off". My old boss before he left, promoted me often. One customer complained "she needs to be here with the public", but my boss reassured them I'd still be there, actually, I was all over the place. & my coworkers even noticed this about my supervisor. They thought it was because of her boyfriend who would consistently dump her and get back with her. (He was one of my regulars) I even offered her support. She didn't budge, and just gave me a mean girl stare, all the time. let's just say she made my work draining and I missed my old boss. I even had a concussion at work, no attention other than a phone call to corporate to "diagnose" me, and tell me to complete my shift. I ended up having to drive myself to a close by hospital afterwards. But yes ❤ that kindness you can give even if its just a little chat, means the world to a lot of people. That's why I still do it to this day, but sometimes I need a little "me time" to recharge after. Feeling others emotions can take a lot out of you. But it's all with good intentions.
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