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  1. I've never been married and don't plan on it. Is that weird? Probably.
  2. Can I just have a mix ehh summer then. I have som*thing right now that I'm allergic to a certain degree of cold weather. It goes away within 10 years, so says my allergist. Just randomly hit me.
  3. If I struggle with som*thing and someone else is mastering it, I'm happy for them but it makes me feel envious sometimes. Because I'm unfortunately human, I have been jealous before in my relationships that were turning bad. I never talked about how certain things made me feel, or if I tried it was an excuse (even though I had the truth infront of me, yes I learned a lot of lessons) knowing that feeling, what I look forward to doing is have a truthful civil open discussion. That balance and equal effort ❤ ah, that's good stuff.
  4. Throughout my entire life. I would count 4 serious. The rest that didn't last 6 months were 3 other people.
  5. I love Rollercoasters. But I respect the people who don't want to ride on one with me. Send me on loops, I don't care.
  6. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. The boy in the striped pajamas. Infinity war. The green mile, broke back mountain, the pursuit of happyness...uh, dumbo....geez a lot now that I'm thinking...wow I am a cry baby...
  7. Once I start one movie, I can't stop. It's crazy. They're great.
  8. It's blowing up on Twitter I haven't been on YouTube yet so I may take a glance.
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