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  1. I rather agree. He's an a** and we shouldn't talk about him or his slimey behaviour.
  2. Dynabeat by Jain is my s***t right now https://youtu.be/vogjd9rzUNQ
  3. Thinking about how I'm starting to make more friends finally after being alone for a few years. Worrying about having to potentially get a second job to keep paying my rent and what not 🙃. Excited about the next year of my life though, trying to remain positive
  4. You've definitely helped me, in the past and even more to this day. Thank you for being here for me and all of us. Be there for yourself too! We love and care about you James! Don't be too hard on yourself, especially since the world seems to already do that for them.
  5. Someone who can really make me laugh and not let me push them around. Basically I want Dean Winchester lmao
  6. Hey! So I made a video about you Onision YEARS ago and thought I would share it here in case you never saw it. I'm sorry for how dated it is but I'm thinking about making a new one! If any of you wanna be a apart of it just reply to this thread and let's make a new thank you video for him!
  7. I would want to go to the Harry Potter universe or Interview with a Vampire. I wanna be a HP witch or a vampire so bad!
  8. I love the side characters more than the main two. Jacob was pretty cool until Eclipse but overall the other characters were way more interesting with way better backstories. It's definitely a guilty pleasure for sure.
  9. I prefer renting because I'm young I still want to travel, I don't want to be tied down to a property that I have to manage and upkeep on top of the thousands of dollars it costs outside of the actual mortgage. Overall, I tend to have less stress renting then I imagine I would if I had to take care of a mortgage.
  10. Well those are a given inevitable end. I believe we as a human race will either evolve beyond what we exist as currently OR we will destroy ourselves via our own creations. Either AI or climate change due to our pollution of the planet. Or the plants will take over.
  11. Failure is always a learning experience. Take a look at who you were when you were younger before you failed at things you thought were impossible. Look at you now. Failure makes the journey worth it. If you never struggle, you'll never truly appreciate what you have
  12. Popcorn and Ice cream! Not mixed together but at the same time. Trust me it is SUCH a good combination
  13. THE LITTLE PRINCE, Twilight Saga, The Matrix, In Your Eyes, Last Unicorn, Avatar (blue people), Marriage Story, Our Idiot Brother
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