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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 28/100 My Time 77 seconds  
  2. i’m kit. i’ve been watching since the banana days and have liked onision since! i’m a fan of acting and my favorite band is the grateful d**d. i also like cute animals (like everyone else in the world lmao).
  3. it helps them feel better about themselves lmao
  4. trevor som*thing is a fav and i just love the vibe it gives the song
  5. i actually think i’ve had every colour! it’s currently black and blonde tho :]
  6. it also works to add your discord through connections in your settings! it instantly linked me with the server once i did ^__^
  7. waiting to see if i can get mine! :] i dont want the rona and im def willing to put up with the side effects from the vaccine if it means not catching it n protecting my loved ones
  8. absolutely! teachers gotta put up with a lot of s***t and it’s not necessarily always safe in public schools, plus they need to make a living and support themselves + families usually.
  9. Been married Been divorced Fell in love ❤️ Skipped school ❤️ Watched someone give birth❤️ Watched someone d*e ❤️ Been to Canada Ridden in an ambulance Been to Hawaii Been to Europe Been to Las Vegas ❤️ Been to Washington D.C Been to Texas ❤️ Visited Florida Visited Mexico Seen the Grand Canyon in person Flown in a helicopter Been on a cruise Served on a jury ❤️ Danced in the rain ❤️ Been to California ❤️ Been to New York Played in band/orchestra in School ❤️ Sang in the school choir ❤️ Sang karaoke Laughed so much you cried ❤ Caught a snowflake on your tongue ❤ Have c******n Had a pet(s) ❤ Been sledding on a big hill Been downhill skiing Been water skiing Rode on a motorcycle Traveled to all 50 states Jumped out of a plane Been to a drive-in movie Rode an elephant Rode a Horse Been on TV Been in the newspaper ❤️ Been on the radio Stayed in the hospital alone Donated blood Gotten a piercing ❤️ Gotten a tattoo ❤️ Driven a stick shift vehicle Been scuba diving Been snorkeling Lived on your own Rode in the back of a police car ❤️ Got a speeding ticket Broken a bone Gotten stitches Traveled alone Driven over 120MPH
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